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What is Diana?

"Diana" is the codename for IntelliJ IDEA 8.x.


IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.4 (build 9952) has been released. You can download it from

Release Notes Archive

IDEA 8.0 Technology Roadmap
Diana First EAP Release Notes
Summary Release Notes (build 8975)
Summary Release Notes (build 8823)
Summary Release Notes (build 8280)
Summary Release Notes (build 8375)
Summary Release Notes (build 8733)
Summary Release Notes (build 8769)
Summary Release Notes (build 8810)
Summary Release Notes (build 8858)

The GenerateToString plugin is now bundled with Diana. If you already have an installation of the plugin from the plugin manager, please remove it before installing the Diana EAP build.

Build 8650 and newer include a New Packaging Configuration Editor.

Diana includes its own code coverage engine, which can be used as an alternative to EMMA. You can find more information on it in IDEA Coverage Runner.

Where to Send Feedback

Issue Tracker (instructions for working with YouTrack)
EAP Newsgroup
EAP Forum

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  1. Anonymous

    is there an RSS feed to the Diana EAP?

      1. Anonymous

        RSS topic is not updated (sad)
        The latest EAP release is 8823 in RSS.

  2. Anonymous

    I'd like to see support for Jetty the same way Tomcat is supported.

    1. Anonymous

      Yep, double that! There is a Jetty Plugin for IntellJ 7 which works great, and from what I know it's just the tomcat plugin with different start/stop scripts, it should be really easy to integrate.

  3. Anonymous

    When will the next eap be released?

  4. Anonymous

    When will the next eap be released?

  5. Anonymous

    Any news on a new 8.0 eap? It's been about a month.

  6. Anonymous

    Mac OS X 10.5.2 can't run this app.

    1. This is (indirectly) true if you're using the new Java 6 from Apple. You'll need to edit the file and remove the references to --agent:ypagent (exact reference escapes me off hand) as Yourkit currently breaks under Apples JDK6.

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks , the can run under Mac OS X 10.5.2 use JDK 6.

    2. Anonymous

      same here. not even starting up on mac os x 10.5.2 leopard (sad)

      1. As I mentioned in a reply to the original question - you need to edit Info.plist inside the directory and remove the reference to ypagent.

  7. Anonymous

    What time jetgroovy can use in Diana?

    1. Anonymous

    2. Anonymous

    3. Anonymous

  8. Anonymous

    IntelliJ is awesome!  It is the main reason I love being a Java developer!  Keep up the good work!

    1. Anonymous

      ... oh, and I'm glad that Python and Ruby developers will have the pleasure to develop with IntelliJ too!

       --Otto von Wachter

  9. Anonymous

    is there any way to debug flex using browser, not standalone flashplayer? or connect to swf or debugger?

  10. Anonymous

    Anyone else unable to maximize a file by double clicking on the file tab?

    1. Yup (sad)  I've not been able to do that for some time under Diana - not sure if theres a JIRA ticket for that or not.

  11. Anonymous

    when will the python support roll out?

    1. Anonymous

      Any time estimate for Python support? Having to use Eclipse isn't fun (sad)

    2. Anonymous

      Any estimation for python?

    3. Anonymous

      Waiting for Python support to buy.

  12. Anonymous

    Used intellij for years - it is the best. Everyday I see Eclipse users suffer. Keep up the good work.

  13. Anonymous

    cut and past isn't working correctly on Mac OS X 10.5.3

    basic code completion isn't working

    does anyone else encountering similar issues 

    1. Anonymous

      this was due to an incompatible plugin ideaVIM issue is resolved now.

  14. Anonymous

    Cannot maximise a file either by double clicking on an editor tab.

  15. Anonymous

    drag&drop support like in whole os x would be great.
    adding existing files to projects via drag&drop or even add plugins via drag&drop if i downloaded them (from plugin sailers like sde for idea) and so on.
    keep up good work. it is every day nice to work with idea (smile)

  16. Anonymous

    An Error when use Ctrl+T update project from subversion

    <stacktrace edited out>

    1. Anonymous

      I use it builder number #8471 ,my os is mac os leopard 10.5.3

    2. Note that this is not a correct place to report bugs. Please see "Where to Send Feedback" above.

  17. Anonymous

    decent drag & drop on windows / mac os x would be wonderful !

  18. Anonymous

    Can not compile Java Web Project, it is a perfectly working project on Intellij v7

    Blame Java EE Integration

    <stacktrace edited out>

    1. Note that this is not a correct place to report bugs. Please see "Where to Send Feedback" above.

  19. There is "transparency for floating windows" option. Can you also support transparency in editor windows? And in Project, Structure etc.. It's cosmetics but maybe simple to implement and I like to see my wallpaper in the background (smile)

    The other thing is reopening multiple projects at startup. Let's say I work on couple of projects in parallel and after next startup I'd like to have them reopened again. Is it possible to have "reopen last project on startup" feature extended this way?


  20. Anonymous

    it works for me with mac os x leopard and Java 6. But there are still no support for tapestry 5 (sad)

    In my template-files (*.tml) I still have the problem that idea don't recognize the namespace "". I have no autosugestion in the template-files, that realy sucks! Is anybody else here, who are using IntelliJ IDEA with tapestry 5 ???


    1. Sorry if this is something obvious which you have tried:

  21. Anonymous

    HTML preview on OS X doesn't work anymore! (sad)

  22. Anonymous

    What about ZK framework support?

  23. Anonymous

    When shall we expect final release? How far are you? Leos

  24. Anonymous

    Can idea8 offer a uml plugin which can not only generate java code from uml but also generate uml from java code.I hope so.

  25. Anonymous

    Well, JetGroovy become more and more powerful. If I'm correct, IDEA can do autocomletion to objects without particular type specification. Also I'm very pleased to have Freemarker support from the box. But disappointed - still no Resin support! Hey, Jetbrains, Resin is popular! (smile)

  26. Anonymous

    HTML Preview on Mac still broken - not for the first time bugs on Mac have little to no priority. Very disappointed! (sad)

  27. Anonymous

    Funny bug with 8.0M1 on Vista: I cannot exitIDEA. It just won't close. (smile)

    1. Its not a bug.

      Why would you ever close Idea?


  28. Anonymous

    It really surprises me for how long html preview on mac os x has now been broken ...

    (other developers I talked to report the same problem btw)

    are web developers a diminishing minority?

    are you basically telling us we must run windows or linux?

    how can this be serious?

    will idea 7 be the last usable edition?

    questions, questions, questions....

  29. Anonymous

    "Due to a major internal refactoring, we have made a significant number of backward incompatible changes..."

    If it's a backward incompatible change, then it's not a refactoring, is it? Haha...

    I love this IDE (well, versions 4 - 7. haven't tried this 8 yet). I have the exact opposite reaction to the guy at Cafe au Lait - I tried out Eclipse 3.3, and I'm also using Flex Builder 3 (which is basically a re-branded Eclipse) on a daily basis for over a year now, and the Eclipse platform is hands-down much more annoying than IntelliJ. You should see the way Eclipse tries to popup up a SCM checkout confirmation dialog and an auto-complete popup at the same time. They don't even do things like auto-focus when you mouse over the different sub-windows (although IntelliJ does seem to have a bug around this, it only captures mouse focus and not keyboard focus - but the main use case is scrolling with the mouse wheel through a list, it's minor). And the palty level of refactoring support in Eclipse is incomparable to the numerous refactorings possible in IntelliJ. And Eclipse's refactoring implementation is pathetic! For example, it goes like this: Activate menu item or keyboard shortcut for refactoring a field name. Wait about 8 seconds for it to finish indexing names, then a dialog popup comes up prompting for the new name. Enter new name. Wait about 3 seconds for it to go through and refactor. Do about 5 minutes of work before finding out it didn't properly rename everything. That's how it is, folks! The point about "standard" IDE keybindings might have some validity, but I use the Emacs keymap and don't have an issue with it - I think it's more a personal thing. My philosophy is that if you view the IDE as a tool for productivity, you should invest some effort into learning to use the tool. One might give cars as an example (they have the same interface of steering wheel and pedals, good if you want to switch cars), and I might give handguns as an example (they have so many different types of safeties, many of which are manufacturer-specific, and marksmen learn to use gun, including their various features). You want to be the old granny who gets a new car from grateful kids, and be able to drive? Or do you want to be the marksman, trying to be the best you can with your tools?

    My biggest gripe with IntelliJ is that it is too big. And expensive. It's not "open-source" enough (or at all, really) which conflicts with my RMS-leaning socialist tendencies. But comparing it as an IDE, it's pretty dang good.

    What a rant. Sorry!


    1. Anonymous


      Despite the length of E. Rusty's negatives on IntelliJ, it boils down to his personal preferences which are really easily adjustable in IntelliJ. Even importing your settings from previous versions of IntelliJ is a cinch, I've basically been carrying over all my key bindings and code preferences since version 4. If he hasn't learned how to do that yet... I don't want to comment further.

      To answer each of his points:

      • "Stealing focus problems": Doesn't happen to me in Windows, my taskbar icon just blinks.
      • "Menu layouts and organization": His personal opinion.
      • "double escape double quotes in my strings and insert extra double quotes where they aren't needed or wanted": Then turn Insert pair quote off!
      • "menu item to add a JavaDoc comment": Just start typing "/**", it's much faster
      • "I still couldn't tell you how to Open the Perforce console": Advanced users make their own shortcuts to commonly used actions, I've done that with checkin/checkout/version tree on Clearcase.
      • "obscure keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl-B": Go to Declaration is also on the context menu... just like Eclipse.

      A guy who doesn't spend the time to learn the IDE he's using doesn't deserve to review it.

      1. Anonymous


        • "method-level navigation is simply not as good as what Eclipse has": Instead of using the Structure Pane (which is what he's referring to), use File Structure Popup (Ctrl-F12 by default). This is faster than navigating a list with your mouse because you can use the keyboard to perform IntelliJ's "CamelSearch" (narrow down the list by typing only the uppercase letters)
  30. Anonymous

    When will the next milestone be released?

  31. Any chance you guys can place IDEA 8.0 M1 in a non EXE format for downloads. The network administrators here have us in a police state with WEBSENSE blocking files with an *.exe pattern.

    Thanks guys... And of course, as always, YOU GUYS JUST ROCK!!!

    Ira Klotzko

  32. Anonymous

    Priority 1. Support well Java and the frameworks as Swing/Java2D, JavaFX, Tapestry 5, Wicket, Stripes, JSF, Spring MVC, JSP/Servlets, Spring 2.5(OSGI), Hibernate and JPA.

    Priority 2. Support Python/Django, Ruby/Rails, Groovy/Grails, HTML/CSS, Flex3.

    Priority 3. Get rid of the bugs and crashes IDEA 8 m1 is having now and is very slow

    I suggest get rid of seam, struts2 and scala those have not momentum and are not that great.

    Keep struts support just for legacy.


    1. I  partially agree with you (especially the JavaFX), but FYI the current plugins for Tapestry (TapIDEA, I don't know if is actively developed) , Wicket (WicketForge) and Stripes (IntelliStripes, I'm one of the commiters) are developed by the community and don't have Jetbrains official support, and I don't know if this situation will change in the near future.

      This plugins are Open source with Apache License, and you can help, not only submitting patches, but reporting bugs, and proposal for new features.

      BTW You can visit the IntelliStripes site on help us to improve our plugin, the IntelliStripes team will be happy with your help

    2. Anonymous

      "Support my stuff, drop other stuff"

       I suggest you bugger off!

  33. Anonymous

    i guess there is a issue with global code styling...
    i do need to reload my own settings after every restart of idea...
    how can i say idea to use my styling by default instead of styling shipped with idea??

    1. Anonymous

      okay the tab "general" is ignored by idea... there is no restart needed for this issue. just close code styling dialog and reopen it and idea forgots your saved "general" settings from global code styling options... i hate to use tabsize 4 indent 4 continuation 8... 2 2 0 is more eye friendly and doesnt wasting size that mutch...

       i just can repeat my unanswhered question... "how can i tell idea to use my saved global code styling settings?"


  34. Please don't forget to support maven 2.0...

    1. Maven 2.0 is supported since IDEA 7.

  35. Please consider giving out an OSX version built with Java 6.

  36. Anonymous

    Please consider at least LOOKING into the focus stealing bug (#IDEABKL-3849) that has been around on Linux since 2005! This has been a major data destroyer in the past, and also a major incentive for me to stop paying you guys, and switching to an other IDE.

    1. +1

      It is very annoying indeed and amazing that it just won't get fixed.

      Whenever IDEA feels like it needs to bother me with a super very incredibly amazingly important pop-up (like 'Updating Modified Files') or just happens to be finished with loading, it steals the input focus from whatever I was doing in another application. It happens very often that my keystrokes ends up in whatever file just happens to be in the IDEA editor pane.

      Please make the focus stealing behavior optional, since, believe it or not, there are more apps running on my PC than IDEA :-D

      And, while you're at it, disable the 'always on top' option for the splash screen...

      1. +1 from me too.

         The focus-stealing really is annoying. The always-on-top for the splash screen as well (wink)

    2. I reported keyboard focus stealing as a bug, and for a long while, it was the most popular bug. It happens on Mac OS X and on Windows, not just linux.

      The definitive diatribe against this totally wrong behavior is #10 on Tog's 10 Most Wanted Design Bugs.

  37. Anonymous

    I'm posting here since the forums aren't accessible. Build 8769 is totally unusable (stack overflows and broken code inspection and completion). 8733 is much more stable. I'm running windows xp.

    1. Anonymous

  38. 8769 is leaking memory badly. It could be related to the fact that the syntax analysis is going on a forever loop...  Is there a way to get a previous build?

  39. Anonymous

    I have switched from idea 7 to 8 (8664).   The only problem I have is that double click on an IPR file doesnt open a project if idea is already open.

    It should open a project in a new frame like version 7 does.   Where can I log this bug ?

  40. Anonymous

    8810 has a problem with "Change signature of <Method>" intension action. It causes the IDE to stuck before opening the refactoring dialog.

    It does not happen always but if I find a method that this refactoring make the IDE stuck it does so consistently when I try again after IDE restart.

    1. Anonymous

      same problem here, I'm oging back to #8792

      it happens when using the actions menu and sometimes when the intellisense list is too long

    2. Anonymous

      It happened to me too when I used "Add Exception to Method signature" intension action.

    3. Anonymous

      My 8810 frozen several times this week while doing things like: extract method, generate constructor, intention create method. I do not remember them all, but create method intention did it twice in succession at the same pace in small project.

      1. This problem is fixed in build 8823.

  41. Anonymous


     Since 8810 (or before, but still in 8823)  there is a bug regarding maven-task execution on run. It seems the "Run Configuration" is not running at all if there is a "Before Launch"-Config with a "Run Maven Goal".



  42. Anonymous

    I won't upgrade unless Diana behaves nicely on OS X

    1. If you mean the problems with editor tabs, they're resolved in Diana because we no longer rely on Apple's broken JTabbedPane implementation.

  43. Anonymous

    Since #8858 on Mac OS X:

    Small popup dialogs for code completion are frozen at their position in Diana code pane.  They can be neither closed, nor moved, nor focused.
    Nothing helps to kill them until IDE restart. The popup has title with symbol name (e.g. variable name and its type), the body of hanging popup
    is always "Choosing item with ->| will overwrite the rest of identifier after caret". Please take care of this problem. Thanks!


    1. Anonymous

      hey, i do not have this issue on a core due 1 macbookpro, os x 10.5 and jdk 1.5_16

      1. Anonymous

        I have the same hardware and JDK. Should say the problem appears from time to time, not for each completion dialog.
        However, after 2-3 hours of work one or two frozen popups do appear for sure.


    2. Anonymous

      I have same problem on Windows XP.

    3. This problem is fixed, and the fix will be included in the next EAP build.

      1. Anonymous

        Thank you, Dmitry! Amazing speed of bug fixing.


  44. Anonymous

    Any plan to include support for Android?  The idea-android plugin from Google is out of date (with the android SDK).  It would really be nice to be able to dev for android on IntelliJ.

    1. Anonymous

    2. Anonymous


      Please, the idea-android plugin ( ) is out of date, but it's close -- using IDEA to dev for Android would be great, the SDK is eclipse and it sucks!

  45. Anonymous

    The performance guidelines for Intellij IDEA state that a person should keep the tree view on the left set to Packages instead of Project but the problem is that certain artifacts that a person works with like Spring context files are hidden away. It would be nice if the Spring configuration failes maybe taken from the facet set could be shown in the tree similar to the way that the Libraries are shown.

  46. Anonymous

    In 8858 build I have same blame with Subversion system, when I trying to add url.

    When you are planning to release new build with fixed problem?

  47. After installing 8.0M1 on Windows, I click "Run now" (or whatever the option is) on the last page of the install wizard.

    Everything is ok.

    Then I shut down IDEA and after that try and run it, and get a Windows popup sayign "The JVM could not be started. The main methods may have thrown an exception".

    The only way I can start IDEA now is by defining the IDEA_JDK env var and using "idea.bat"!

    Also I can't create a JIRA against the IDEADEV project - is this right?

  48. Anonymous

    In 8890 don't work SQL console (sad)

    1. Yes, I noticed the same.

  49. Anonymous


     I'm using 8.0M1 and it's working real fine.

     Only problem I have is with maven project support.

    It is common practice, in maven, to define properties, for example:


     and use them for version of  dependencies. For example:


    Unknown macro: {spring.framework.version}



     When using a pom.xml like that, and later changing the property value, Idea reloads the pom.xml but doesn't change the libraries.



  50. I'm experiencing a really annoying problem since upgrading to IDEA 8.  When I startup the IDE it parses through every single file in all the modules, every JAR i have configured as a resource, and even the configured JDK src zip files.  My IDE startup time is currently around 8-10 minutes until it is usable.  Also, after updating a module config, the file parsing dialog pops up again and parses through a lot of the same stuff again!  Is anyone else having similar issues and if so have you found a workaround?

    1. Anonymous

      Even my very old computer IDEA startup time just 2-3 minutes. But I also notice, that IDEA 7 work faster...

      Try to  turn off unused plugins.

      1. thanks, but i remove almost all plugins on upgrade plus with 8.0 most plugins i like do not work so i don't believe this is the problem.  here's what i remove (part of shell script):

        rm -rf idea-$1/plugins/webSphereIntegration* idea-$1/plugins/starteam* idea-$1/plugins/weblogic* idea-$1/plugins/ideTalk* idea-$1/plugins/Perforce* idea-$1/plugins/Geronimo* idea-$1/plugins/Glassfish* idea-$1/plugins/JBoss* idea-$1/plugins/ClearCase* idea-$1/plugins/Struts*

        1. Anonymous

          Try deleting your profile/system folder. That will rebuild your caches the first time your relaunch.
          After that, startup should be faster.

    2. I had the same issues. Definitely it was really annoying and after I removed caches, system folders and commented out idea.max.intellisense.filesize=2048 in
      All issues has gone. It was panacea for me. Now I'm definitely sure that IDEA rocks again!

  51. Anonymous

    All kinds of database consoles (SQL, hibernate) are still totally broken (since 8890).

  52. In build 8890, if I run a maven goal with external maven the maven output window doesn't update until build is completed. If I use the embedded maven then maven output updates in real time.

    Build 8940 no longer has option to run Maven goals using external or embedded maven. Also the Back/Foward buttons and Run/Debug drop down never updates.

  53. Anonymous

    The 8940 tar.gz seems to be corrupt.

    1. Please verify the MD5 checksum - that's what they are for.

      1. Anonymous

        Sorry, my bad. Had 2 bad downloads in a row. Must be some rusty cables. Got the correct version

  54. Since build 8940 IntelliJ freezes many times in an hour for a few seconds on Leopard. I tried JDK5 and JDK6 but it makes no difference.

    1. Problem seems to be related with a large number of local changes. When I committed all changes in repository the problem disappeared. About the problem, after every code change IntelliJ was frozen.

  55. Anonymous

    8975 crashed with out of permgenspace on my 64 bit ubuntu box after opening an EXTREMELY small project. Trying with 256m now.

  56. Where's the source code for the maven integration plugin?

  57. Intellisense for  xmlns:buttons="urn:jsptagdir:/WEB-INF/tags/buttons" declarations in jspx fileshave been broken since M1.

  58. Anonymous

    I was very surprised to see the announcement for the final version coming in 2 weeks considering the Ruby plug-in hasn't been available for the EAP for over a month! When can we expect to see the availability of Ruby in IDEA again??

    1. Ruby plugin will be available in IDEA at the end of next week

  59. Anonymous

    Love most of the new features and I wait for new EAP releases.

    However, the new settings system is UTTERLY incomprehinsiple... I hope you plan to provide a way to use the previous one that is sane... The everything in a huge list layout is very hard to sort out. I still can't figure out where I make simple changes to models, libraries, etc. which is what I'm doing 99.9% of the time. The rest of this stuff should and could be berried somewhere else. You just don't use it all that often.  

    1. Anonymous

      I'll second this complaint.  This is a very unfortunate change.

      1. Anonymous

        They wanted it to look like Eclipse, I guess (smile)

  60. Anonymous

    What happened to the antialiasing in the latest builds?  It looks like the awful antialiasing in Java 5.  Up until at least 8890 it was fine.  Is there a setting I'm missing?

  61. Anonymous

    I just tried moving to 8987 and tried to run one of my projects (Seam/JSF/JPA/JBoss). This project did and still does work in 8890. When I attempt to interact (log in in this case) I get exceptions that the persistence factory is not found in JNDI. I traced this back. My persistence.xml file lives outside my source tree, and in previous versions was being placed into the META-INF dir at build time via the EJB facets external resources mechanism. That appears to be lost in the latest EAP, which seems like a bug.

    I can't be sure that the setting is even being loaded since I can't figure out how to accomplish anything in the new settings system.

  62. Anonymous

    I am using 8995 and when I edit Java code I somtimes get "java.lang.AssertionError: Previous:HighlightInfo".

    After I fix the code the "code analysis" square at the right top  is green but I still have a red mark on the "code analysis" bar.

    Once this exception is thrown it keeps appearing non-stop untill I restart IDEA. 

    1. Anonymous

      I get the same, utterly annoying, error in 8995.

    2. Anonymous

      In 9008 no exception is thrown but I still sometimes get the green "code analysis" square although I have a red mark on the "code analysis" bar.

      But as I said there is no exception thrown so it is just a UI thing that does not bother me too much. 

  63. Teamcity question - from big number of releases I still have exceptions popping up in Idea and these are related to Teamcity suppoort in IDE. From some number of releases I also cannot commit via TC at all and this is really annoying (makes IDE unusable). It says "Cannot commit.. changes list cannot be found" or sth similar. It happens on Linux 64 and on Windows (32). Latest release which does allow me to do commit is #8823. But exceptions are here from pretty long before this #.

    Question is - is Teamcity plugin not longer supported or I just need to wait? If the latter then how long? (smile)


    1. The problem is it does not prompt you for your subversion credentials.
      Just try to do some commit directly which will prompt you for your credentials. Make sure to check the box to remember your credentials. Then the TC plugin can do its commits.

  64. Oh, the current build ("IntelliJ IDEA 8.0 Release Candidate 2 (Diana build 9008)") already requires an IDEA 8 license, which I do not have (my IDEA 7 license is much older than August 31st 2008).

    I guess that the "License" text should be updated to reflect this.

    1. Anonymous

      Yep, I get this too (sorry for not logging in).

      I don't mind clicking "Evaluate for 30 days", but at tthe same time, I can't go ahead and pay/upgrade to 8.0 on the website either.

      Just don't want to get in a situation where I am emailed tech-support trying to figure out which .plist file to update to fix it in 29 days (smile)

  65. What to save and refresh with startup page (or when any projects are closed)

  66. Where does Idea 8.0 take settings from? It seems it has imported some settings from Idea 7, but probably not the latest as for example some keyboard shortcuts I have created recently are different. What do I have to do to make 8.0 import complete settings from 7.0? I have tried export settings + import settings from file menu, but that didn't worked (settings stayed the same). Are there any files I have to delete or something?

    I had some EAP versions of 8.0 installed and I'm running Mac OS X 10.5, if that is important.


  67. Anonymous

    any news about the tab-reorder feature? (i'm using IDEA 8 #9008)


  68. Anonymous

    I have been using IntelliJ since version 4.5.

    I downloaded 8.0 today to check it out, and was disappointed to find that I can no longer place my editor tabs on the left.  Several of my coworkers and I love that option and use it religiously.  Personally, I'd rather forego all of 8.0's enhancements and continue using 7.0, just for that option.

    So, what happened to that setting?  Any plans to bring it back?

  69. Thank goodness! I finally see my editor tabs again with Mac Os X  (but this shouldn't that have been a bug fix long ago ? ....)

  70. Anonymous

    Changes window -> Incoming tab: each incomming item duplicates (but sometime some of them renders 3 times). I use Subversion 1.4 format

  71. Anonymous

    In 9144 sometimes the editor loses focus and the keys are not responding. Pressing "Esc" returns the focus to the editor.

  72. Anonymous

    Where can I find changelog for non-IDEADEV issues (e.g. for jetgroovy)?

  73. Where is lost button "kill process" in debug window?

  74. in build 9647 i think "" file has a typo, because of that we need both folders .IntelliJIdea80 and .IntelliJIdea8x in user folder!

    the relevant content of the file are as follows:

    # path to IDEA config folder. Make sure you're using forward slashes

    # path to IDEA system folder. Make sure you're using forward slashes

    # path to user installed plugins folder. Make sure you're using forward slashes

    is this a typo or will remain permanent?

    if its a typo which folder will select to be permanent?

    1. No, this is not a typo, this will stay that way in the IDEA 8.1 release.

  75. Will the Ruby plugin be working again soon?

    1. We've uploaded a new build of the Ruby plugin last week.

  76. День добрый.

    Извените, что по русски. От английского за весь день и так устаю....

    Есть вопрос.

    У меня часто бывает такой юз-кейс - нужно что-то найти (ctrl+shift+F) и поменять после в 30и из 45и найденых местах в XMLях например.

    В #9684 что-то глючить Preview начал немного - когда курсором вверх-вниз по результатам поиска ходишь он фокус на файл показывает а не на место в файле. Приходиться жать Down-Up-Down что не приятно, но жить можно думаю....

    Но вот есть ли какой-то аналог кнопки F3 только что бы не только по файлу гуляла, а и по результатам через файлы прыгала. Т.е. если есть у меня в результате 40 мест в 35и файлах = F3 нажал и следующий файл подсветился. Очень уж напрягает мышкой клацнул - клавой заменил - опять мышой клацнул - клавой заменил.

    Понимаю, что мелочь - куда там до Ruby support и других высших материй. Но пользуюсь IDEA с версии 3 - а как решить такую annoying юзабилити проблему (все ж наверно рефакторят XML. И всем наверно бывает нужно пройтись глазами когда мест не так много как для применения mass impact инструментов) - никак не знаю.

    Или подскажите куда написать, что бы получить ответ.



    1. Ctrl+Alt+Up / Ctrl+Alt+Down

    2. В #9684 что-то глючить Preview начал немного - когда курсором вверх-вниз по результатам поиска ходишь он фокус на файл показывает а не на место в файле.

  77. Most Excellent!! Integrating the ability to share settings between multiple instances. You guys rock,

  78. IDEA 8 seems to replicate the behavior of IDEA 7 in that it is once again significantly slower than any previous release.

     Please shift your focus in IDEA's development to becoming an IDE that is reliable, robust, and fast, and feature rich (int that order). If I read the change logs, I keep asking myself: "Why all these features? Please just make the existing ones work reliably! Please fix bugs and performance problems!".

    I even caught myself last week thinking about switching to Eclipse, something I would not have dreamt of in the last couple of years.

    1. Absolutely agree.

      With seven Flex modules my IDEA eats 1.5 Gb (idea + flex compiler) for normal job and I restart it 5-8 times per day. I don't want also to talk about performance and stability of debugging of flex application in IDEA.

      FlexBuilder is crap but in any case in 100 times more stable then IDEA.

      I think that Jetbrains forgot about "stresstesting"  of their application. I understand that it's hard to produce product which you don't use everyday. This is the same if you produce bycicles but never use them in real life.

    2. hi,

      For the maven, spring, hibernate, jpa, wicket, gwt projects that I use Idea for, my experience is quite the opposite. I think it has gotten better. Also the performance in the daily use seems better than 7.x. I really like the complete integration with the frameworks I use on a daily basis. But with that said I can see what you mean when looking back on the earlier versions. I've been using Idea since 2.0 and back then it was speedy as hell.

      But then again - back then - there was not support for anything else than java. And I wouldn't miss the nice integrations they have today.

      Edit: I forgot to say that please create bug reports on any issue you have. They actually fixes them most times.

    3. Please report the specific bugs and performance problems you're experiencing to our issue tracker:

  79. How can I run IDEA on 64bit windows?
    i just installed 64bit JDK and ran idea.bat to launch IDEA as a 64bit module, but it could not load "yjpagent.dll".

    1. Just remove the yjpagent line from the IDEA_HOME\bin\idea.exe.vmoptions.

  80. 9821 is seriously broken. Code analysis collapsed and refactorign broke by code. 9815 was good.

  81. In 9825, if I close a tab the structure panel does not update to show the structure of the new current tab (though this does not appear to happen all the time)

  82. I've also noticed a problem when I open some machine-generated java files we use where I work, the UI redraw thread seems to hang while the code analyzer is looking at the class.  The file in question is similar to this:

    I can send an actual example, but I'd rather not since it may or may not be company-proprietary information.  The general pattern is that there's an enclosing abstract class with MANY concrete subclasses declared as public static inner classes, each with their set of get/set methods for various properties.  These are auto-generated off of various message format specifications we use.  The file is about 7,500 lines, about 350KB.

    Anyway, the UI locks up for sometimes 10-30 seconds when opening these files, and is generally very slow when navigating and editing.

    1. I just downloaded 8.1.2, and it's MUCH better editing these files.   Thanks, this is great!

      1. Another update, also with 8.1.2 -- I had an app running in the debugger (not stopped, just running) and opened one of these classes.  The app kept running, but IntelliJ stopped redrawing itself for quite some time.  Finally I quit the app, and IntelliJ came back immediately -- some kind of wait going on there?

      2. Looks like this perf problem crept back into 9873, though it's still not as bad as it was before 8.1.2.

        1. Fixed again in 9880, seems better than in 8.1.2 even.  Awesome!

  83. Code analysis (the green light which we all require to be able to focus on code) still stops working sporadically in 9825. Was good in 9815

  84. Does 9825 seem to put a higher load on the system opening projects?  My machine (Ubuntu Linux 8.10, quad core) I get a load of like 6 opening our project, and in 9821 it only goes up to 2.5 or 3.  I'm not positive it's just IntelliJ, but 9821 seems to run smoother.

  85. With SVNKit 1.3.0 now available, will we see Subversion 1.6 support soon?

    1. Subversion 1.6 will be supported in IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.3.

  86. For gods sake, please let us turn off the annoying splash screen during startup.

    It really sucks that I can't read my mail, just because I've started IntelliJ in a totally different virtual screen and the darn splash screen appears on top of all windows.

    Several people already asked for this, so please start to listen to your customer. Just make a checkbox somewhere and turn it on by default if you like. I just want to be able to turn off this behaviour.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Google "How to disable splash screen intellij"


      Have not tried it out though...

      1. It works, thank you!

        Still I would prefer a configuration setting where I can easily turn off the splash screen (and yeah, having such a thing for vm options would be nice, too).

        Same problem I guess: these properties must be readable by the bootstrap code.

  87. When I start IntellliJ it says that build 9852 is available, but EAP only has 9848 as the latest

    1. This is official release. 8.1.2

  88. I am unable to report bugs (exceptions) because of the 9852 / 9848 issue. IntelliJ refuses to send a report because there's a newer version available - which there isn't!

    1. As Nasokin said, 9852 is the official release, 8.1.2

       Get it here:

  89. Am I blind or I don't see any link to download IntelliJ EAP bundle. How do I get it?

  90. what is happening with 8.1.4 release ???

    1. i think they put theirs effort on Maia and Diana is going to be obsolete!

      try that, it's in a good situation and is more faster than Diana

    2. I'm also anxiously awaiting the 8.1.4 release. I hope JetBrains will release a good working 8.x release out soon!