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 UML Support

  • UML Class Diagram building from existing code. Accessible both by popup menu from code editor, project view and by shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U from other contexts. The diagram creation works in two modes: building from a package and from a class. The first will show all classes and sub-packages of the package. The second one will show inheritance information for the class.
  • New elements creation
  • Existent refactorings and analyze actions are available on UML diagrams
  • Dependency view
  • Relationship links creation (extends/implements)
  • Several different views (show/hide fields/constructor/methods/inner classes)
  • Relationship between packages with information about classes within
  • Drag-n-Drop support from project view to diagram

Spring MVC Support

Completion and resolving for Spring MVC controller urls.

MVC model attributes can be completed/resolved, too.

Spring Dynamic Modules Support

Template beans, live templates

Find usages, completion, highlighting, refactorings



Persistence ER-Diagram

  • Merge inherited & embedded attributes
  • Simple mode

JDBC Console

  • Accessible via Database tool window

  • Configurable paging, SQL Dialect

  • Alternative mode with full-sized editor

SQL Data Sources

  • Can be used the same way as JDBC Data Sources
  • Can include tables from other Data Source

Note: SQL files Drag&Drop from project tree is available

Web Support

  • Web Preview Toolwindow

  • Rename CSS color value

  • CSS color preview in gutter

  • Ability to preview HTML or JSP files in browsers via Alt+F2 navigation or context popup

  • Support for browser-specific CSS properties

  • Extended CSS Quick documentation
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  1. Anonymous

    What is the font of CSS properties example.Thanks

    1. Anonymous

      Seems to be Monaco on a Mac...

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks.I like that fonts