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Work in Progress


This document describes the feature which is currently actively developed. Please consult Known Issues section before using it and/or reporting problems.

Feedback is Welcome


We are in the process of discovering powers of DSM analysis and its applications. You are encouraged to share you thoughts, ideas, problems and

DSM stands for Dependency Structure Matrix - a method for exploring dependencies between program parts (modules, classes, etc.). This documents contains all the available information about DSM in IntelliJ IDEA.

DSM Guide

Download the pictorial DSM

Known Issues

  • Extremely low level zoom is tbd
  • Dig dependencies A->B shows inside dependencies in A & B. It also planned to show A<>B instead of A>B.
  • 'Include test classes' check is ignored now.
  • Only ctrl (meta) selection is functional. See below.

Planned Features

  • F4 - Open In Editor
  • Selection: region, drag, shift.
  • Add all actions to toolbar & popup menu
  • Diagram legend
  • Matrix rebuild
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  1. Anonymous

    Looks Nice, although, I'm not a IDEA user, because I'm using .NET. But maybe this feature can be added to ReSharper too. Whould be a great addition.


     Mark Monster

  2. I have developed a plugin long time ago, designed to reveal dependencies between methods inside a class. I had several ideas regarding visualization, and chose to implement one of them.

    Can I post a screenshot somehow?