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  1. I am probably being dumb, it won't be the first time, but I cannot find the <%IDEA project folder%>/community/samples directory anywhere. I have 10.5.2 ultimate and also installed the community edition to be sure. I tried checking out the idea source but had git problems so gave up. Could you please clarify where I can get the plugin examples?

    1. The plugin examples are part of the IntelliJ IDEA codebase. If you can't checkout the source from git, you can also download it as a snapshot:

  2. Not sure what run configuration is looking for.

    When you go to run edit configuration, there's really nothing there. You click on the plus icon and .. what? Am I running a plugin? An application? I don't know how Intellij is going to interpret either of those decisions.

    I guess I am running a plugin. Can you RUN  a plugin? It seems like you RUN  applications that HAVE plugins..which do to  choose? I don't know. Choose one!  Plugin. Fine .

    Now it has "use claspath of module "none". It probably  needs a classpath at least. That's the problem !!  Eh, why doesn't  it know what the classpath is? After all, it just compiled it. It needs a classpath to do that, right?  Errr.... I don't  know what this thing wants or thinks it doesn't have....

    OK so just play along.. go choose a classpath from the drop down, Drop down empty! Holy crap! I am probably going about this all wrong... maybe I should be running it as an application after all....

    That's basically how it  goes for me  .. how do I run the plugin  Toolwindow? . I really have no idea. Each decision in each part of each dialog I encounter in the processes  of setting it up to run represents  another  n-ary branch in a  tree of possibilities, each one of which I will have to back up and explore  systematically if my first choice fails. Might be here for a while Might be here for a long while. Maybe I'll do something else.... why is the house so quite? Where IS everyone anyway? I  haven't any sound in from them in a   while...

    my god... are they all .....DEAD??

    Better go investigate... 

    etc. etc. etc... 

    Not complaining... just trying to give you insight into what it's like for people who just don't  know what is implicit for you... 

    Surely i should have compiled it and you just left that step out... right? 

    1. I'm sorry to say that, but if we described the whole process of setting up a plugin development environment from the absolute beginning in every single article on plugin development that we offer, our documentation would be pretty boring.

      You can find a very detailed walkthrough of setting up a plugin development environment in this article:

      1. Yeah I knew you were going to say that. I set up my environment  as specified before I began. It's not a NEW project, it's a sample project, so the directions on the page you linked me to that detail how to set your env. up for a NEW project are only partially applicable anyways.  The only thing missing or different in the Project Structure dialog where all this kind of thing gets set up should  be the path to the Community sources and my JSDK..mine version of those things are  in some place unique to my machine of course. But I set all that up. In fact, I've probably set up a couple million projects so the run button works by now.

        I still come to the dialog box "run--> edit configurations" where it asks me to set up a runtime for an application or a plugin or whatever.  So that's the still the problem.. it's acting like  it doesn't have any of that set up when it does. . It's cool. If someone else ha the same problem, maybe you'll take a second look. 

        Why doesn't Jetbrains dot he following. Hire someone whose only job it is to learn and document the OpenAPI and community and  plugin stuff ... oh and javadoc.... which is where external developers intersect with intelliJ. On one of my jobs when I was a newbie, they told me everyone  had to start by writing javadoc, writing documentation  and doing bug fixes as I was able (so I learned the product  of course) .. I got to walk around and ask anyone anything in order to do my job. ...Then they went off and had a good laugh having successfully palmed off the least interesting  and most thankless part of the job on the lowest paid guy.  The thing is, it accidentally worked.. I knew more than most people there before too long. 

        Why not do that? You don't  like answering questions and from the code I can tell you don't like doing javadoc either,. I don't have an opinion on that, maybe you have better things to do.. I'm sure you do, it just makes it tough on us, that's all. I never ask questions because the odds of not getting maced with some form of, "that's too basic to bother answering idiot "  when in fact the real problem is something else entirely or "I am not going to debug your thinking for you" when in fact there actually is a problem (I once was handed back some config file with word to the effect  "you messed it all up" when in fact I had done exactly nothing to it at all) the odds of not getting some version of that kind of response is way too low for the relative  thickness of my skin. You don't  like answering questions and I avoid asking them at all costs. It's dysfunctional. You shouldn't ' be forced to do things you loathe,. So get someone in who sees doing javadoc and docing stuff as an opportunity and not an annoyance and then you won't have to do it, we'll eventually have decent documentation and someone will have a job they're grateful for and be contributing to the economy too . Everyone wins.