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At the moment, JetBrains provides builds of fsnotifier binary only for x86 and x86-64 architectures. If you want to use it on some other platform, please compile it yourself:

  1. Make sure you have C compiler and C headers/libraries packages installed (on Ubuntu, `sudo apt install libc6-dev gcc` should be enough).
  2. Upgrade the IDE to version 2019.3 or newer.
  3. Download all *.h and *.c files along with from, then execute in the directory with downloaded files.
  4. Copy the compiled fsnotifier-<ARCH> binary into the bin/ directory of your IDE (where <ARCH> is the output of `uname -m` on your system).
  5. Start the IDE and invoke Help | Edit Custom Properties action (or Configure | Edit Custom Properties from the welcome screen), add the following line, then restart the IDE:
    idea.filewatcher.executable.path = fsnotifier-<ARCH>

Alternatively, you may copy the compiled file to any location and specify a full path to it in the idea.filewatcher.executable.path line (may be convenient when there are more than one IDE installed on the system).

You may need to adjust inotify(7) instances and watches limits.

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