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  • Building Plugins with IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 and Later
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The Linux and Windows versions of IntelliJ IDEA 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 are built with JDK 1.6. However, the Mac OS X 10.5 version of JDK 1.6 is 64-bit only, and running IDEA under a 64-bit JDK causes much larger memory consumption. Because of that, the MacOS X version of IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 and later is built with JDK 1.5 and runs with it by default.

This also affects plugin developers: in order for version 7.0 and later plugins to be compatible with MacOS X, they need to be compiled with JDK 1.5.

In order to build JDK 1.5 compatible plugins on Windows or Linux, please follow these steps:

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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, and thank you all on behalf of all the Mac users for putting up with the 1.5 issue on our behalf (smile) They have it now for Intel-based Macs, but still not for PPC based.

  2. Is there a way how to use JDK 1.6 for plugin development? At least for internal use. I'm playing around with OpenAPI to built-in support for a project I'm working on. The project uses some Java 1.6 features and limiting plugins to JDK 1.5 makes it impossible. Thanks.

  3. For those of you developing plugins for IntelliJ 8, there seem to be JDK 1.5 downloads for it as well:



  4. For those of you developing plugins with IntelliJ 9, read these documents on how to setup your IDEA-SDK: