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Before You Begin

You'll need to install one of ColdFusion servers (we are currently supporting the latest ColdFusion 9 server, though the plugin works fine, with the previous one).

And you'll need IDEA Ultimate edition. (It offers 30 day trial)

For Intellij IDEA 9.x you'll have to make a few steps for downloading and installing the plugin. Open IDEA, go to File->Settings->Plugins. The list of Installed plugin will appear. Enable SQL Support and Database Support plugins, then switch to Available tab, find CFMLSupportPlugin in the list, righ click on it and choose Download and Install. Then click OK and agree to restart IDEA. If IDEA restarted normally without any warning messages, the plugin was installed correctly. If it said that some plugin is missing, repeat one of two described operations above to install it.

For IntelliJ IDEA 10.x, you just need to enable the plugin at File->Settings->Plugins, as it is already bundled into IDEA package.

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