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The JetGroovy plugin is now bundled with IDEA and split into two parts. The Groovy language support comes with free open-source IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, and the Grails/Griffon support comes with Ultimate edition. No separate JetGroovy releases will be made.

Groovy plugin summary

Groovy Features

Groovy Language Features

Highlighting -  colors, formats and folds your code to improve readability and make it easier to locate various code elements. You can also use the built-in templates to quickly modify arbitrary parts of the code

Debugger - debugger is completely Groovy-aware, handles mixed Groovy/Java code and supports Groovy expressions evaluation

Compiler (groovy + java) - supports the smart Groovy compiler, which understands both Groovy and Java code and lets you seamlessly compile mixed-language projects

Code completion - smart Groovy coding assistance, capable of cross-resolution between Groovy and Java classes, methods and fields

Class search, Find usage, and Structure view - smart navigation around Groovy and Java code which lets you jump from one part of your project to another, quickly search for methods, variables and fields declaration and usages and to track everything via advanced navigation history

Inspections - inspects source code and hunts various types of errors on-the-fly

Intentions - quick fix shortcuts to simply your coding

Testing - fully integrates with JUnit and TestNG for improved automatic testing

GroovyDoc - lets you quickly lookup and create GroovyDoc annotations to document your code

Gant Support - coding assistance for Gant targets, including integration with Ivy and run configuration

Refactoring -  transform code using the rich set of cross-language refactorings that are capable of working across Groovy and Java code.Includes Introduce variable, Inline variable, Rename, Extract Method, Convert method parameter to map-parameter entry, and dynamize invalid interface

Dynamic Methods and Properties - mark dynamic methods and properties as supplied at runtime to eliminate syntax warnings and gain code completion

Scripting IDE for DSL awareness


Execution, Surround with, File structure, Import optimization , Builders

Grails Features

Grails Application Features

[GSP support, Creating grails application, Creating domain classes, controllers, views, taglibs, services, scripts, jobs, Providing GORM domain classes ER diagram]


Groovy application
Grails application


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