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.babelrc JSON Schema (.babelrc-schema.json)JSON schema for Babel 6+ configuration filesApache 2.0
.eslintrc JSON Schema (.eslintrc-schema.json)JSON schema for ESLint 4 configuration filesApache 2.0
Apache Commons Codec 1.8Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Compress 1.10Apache 2.0
Apache Commons HTTPClient3.1  (with patch by JetBrains)Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Imaging (JetBrains's fork)1.0-RCApache 2.0
Apache Commons Logging 1.1.1Apache 2.0
ASM Bytecode Manipulation Framework6.0 (with patches by JetBrains)BSD
Automaton 1.12-1BSD
batik 1.9.1Apache 2.0
bouncy-castle-provider 1.59MIT License
CGLib 2.2.2Apache
Command Line Interface Parser for Java 1.1Apache 2.0
delight-nashorn-sandbox 0.1.15Apache 2.0
EditorConfig Java Core 1.0Apache 2.0
eslint 3.17MIT
FiraCode 1.200OFL
FST 2.56Apache 2.0
Groovy 2.4.6Apache 2.0
Gson 2.8.4Apache 2.0
Guava 23.6Apache 2.0
HttpComponents HttpClient 4.5.5Apache 2.0
HttpComponents HttpClient Fluent API4.5.2Apache 2.0
ImageIO 3.2.1BSD
imgscalr 4.2Apache 2.0
Inconsolata 001.010OFL
ini4j (JetBrains's fork) 0.5.5-1Apache 2.0
Jackson 2.9.5Apache 2.0
Jakarta ORO 2.0.8Apache
JavaHelp 2.0_02included as license/javahelp_license.html in IntelliJ IDEA distribution
Javassist 3.21.0-GAApache 2.0
Jaxen modified Apache
jayatana 1.2.4MIT License
JDOM 1.1 (with patches by JetBrains)modified Apache
JediTerm 2.10LGPL 2
JetBrains Annotations 16.0.1Apache 2.0
JetBrains Annotations for Java 5 16.0.1Apache 2.0
Jettison 1.3.2Apache 2.0
JGoodies Forms1.1-preview 2006-05-04 11:55:37BSD
Jing New BSD
JNA 4.5.0LGPL 2.1
Joni 2.1.13MIT
jsch-agent-proxy 0.0.9BSD
JSch 0.1.53BSD
JSON Schema (schema.json) draft-04Simplified BSD License
JSON Schema (schema06.json) draft-06Simplified BSD License
JSON Schema (schema07.json) draft-07Simplified BSD License
JSON Schema for Typings TypeScript definitions manager (typings-schema.json) Apache 2.0
JSON Schema Apache 2.0
Log4j 1.2.17Apache 2.0
lz4-java 1.3Apache 2.0
markdown4j 2.2New BSD
mercurial_prompthooks GPLv2 (used as hg extension called from hg executable)
Microba 0.4.2BSD
MigLayout 5.1.0BSD
NanoXML 2.2.3zlib/libpng
netty-codec-http 4.1.24Apache 2.0
netty-handler 4.1.24Apache 2.0
Objenesis 2.5.1Apache 2.0
OpenJDK 1.8.0GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception
PicoContainer 1.2BSD
Proxy Vole 1.0.4Apache 2.0
pty4j 0.7.5Eclipse Public License v1.0
PureJavaComm 0.0.16BSD
Relax NG Object Model MIT
Rhino JavaScript Engine 1.7.8MPL 1.1
Roboto 1.100141Apache 2.0
semver4j 2.2.0MIT
Slf4j 1.7.25MIT License
SnakeYAML 1.21Apache 2.0
SourceCodePro 2.010OFL
StreamEx 0.6.2Apache 2.0
Stylelint JSON Schema (.stylelintrc-schema.json) Apache 2.0
swingx 1.6.2-2LGPL 2.1
Trang New BSD
Trilead SSH build-217-jenkins-11BSD style
Trove4j 1.1 (with patches by JetBrains)LGPL
tsconfig JSON Schema (tsconfig-schema.json) Apache 2.0
TSLint JSON Schema (tslint-schema.json) Apache 2.0
TypeScript 1.6.2Apache 2.0
Unidecode 0.0.7MIT
Velocity 1.7Apache 2.0
webpack 2.x-3.x JSON Schema (webpack-schema.json) 2.x-3.xMIT
webpack 4.x (webpack-schema4.json) and plugins (webpackPlugins/**) JSON Schemas4.xMIT
winp 1.26MIT
Xerces 2.11Apache 2.0
xml-apis-ext 1.3Apache 2.0
xml-resolver 1.2.0Apache 2.0
XML-RPC 2.0Apache 2.0
XMLBeans 2.3.0Apache 2.0
xmlgraphics-commons 1.5Apache 2.0
XStream 1.4.2BSD License
XStream 1.4.3BSD
XZ for Java 1.5Public Domain
YourKit Java Profiler 8.0.xlink (commercial license)
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