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  • GoLand 201.7846.80 Release Notes
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No subsystemBugGO-9326runnerw64 no output when use go generate on windows
Go Build and RunBugGO-9309Go plugin: run configurations shouldn't be available on modules without Go support
Go DebuggerBugGO-9284time.Time formatting in debugger doesn't work when retrieved from json
BugGO-9308Debugger does not find non-vendored modules in Docker containers app debugging
Go GeneralFeatureGO-9352Implement methodParameters() macro
BugGO-9260Cann't install plugin GoLand Help on Goland
BugGO-9349Go plugin: Go Tools context menu shouldn't be available on modules without Go support
Go InspectionsBugGO-9293Cannot call pointer method on 'Xxx()', where the return type of of Xxx() is an alias of a pointer type
BugGO-9316editor false 'methods are ambiguos' red underlying
PerformanceGO-9268Slow inspection: invalid composite literals
DebuggerBugWEB-44912Debugging Vue.js + Typescript doesn't work
BugWEB-45707Debugger can't connect sometimes
BugWEB-43829Debugging Vue.js with TypeScript in .vue file is only randomly recognizing the RemoteUrl
HTMLBugWEB-45429SVG: Attributes are shown as invalid when using `svg:` prefix
JavaScriptBugWEB-44868Webstorm doesn't show completion for attributes of classes referenced through JSDoc from other files
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-45672Ivy: issues with Material table support
TypeScriptBugWEB-39705Auto-import should use library name when importing modules/components from Angular libraries
BugWEB-453092020.1 breaks my JavaScript extensions for bundled type libs
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