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  • GoLand 201.6668.9 Release Notes
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No subsystemPerformanceGO-2803Performance problems on using Qt
Go CompletionFeatureGO-7862Smart completion in type assertion should suggest type of the assigned variable
Go EditingFeatureGO-8976Support automatic wrapping with parenthesis in interface definitions
BugGO-8737Invalid postfix completion item
Go FormatterBugGO-8865Formatting inconsistency between "Reformat Code" and "go fmt" in struct declaration
Go GeneralFeatureGO-8142Allow specifying module for scratch file in case of Go Modules
BugGO-8544Go proxy does not consider the noproxyhost
BugGO-8994Go SDK isn't detected for new projects
Go ProfilerBugGO-8980Jump to source doesn't work for Go SDK packages
Go RefactoringsBugGO-8988Change signature can't resolve element from another package in case of Go Modules
Go TestingBugGO-8967GoLand sometimes doesn't execute all Testify tests in package
BugGO-8943Goland should take into account tags specified manually in configuration templates
DB IntrospectionFeatureDBE-8674Display indexes for view
Data ViewsUsabilityDBE-10307Text search hides all the other buttons
SQL CompletionBugDBE-9882SQL editor needlessly quotes identifiers (tables, columns, stored procedures) for Intersystems Caché databases
BugDBE-9758Database console autocomplete autoquotes everything in jdbc presto connection
No subsystemTaskWEB-44337Bundle the Grazie plugin with WebStorm
DebuggerUsabilityWEB-43277Replace Drop Frame with Restart Frame action
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-42901create-react-app 3.3: make it possible to create new project only via npx
BugWEB-44487Vue.js: SOE when `include` tag present in HTML file
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