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  • GoLand 201.5259.15 Release Notes
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Go CompletionFeatureGO-5743Smart Completion: Add address operator expressions
FeatureGO-7925Return completion should suggest nil for pointers to struct/array by default
BugGO-8813Different font size in code completion popup
BugGO-8765False conflict when struct fields shares the same namespace with package names within structs.
Go DebuggerFeatureGO-8342Display pprof labels in Frame View in Debugger
BugGO-8781debugger doesn't work if localhost resolves to a ipv6 address
BugGO-8691Goland debugger not starting
Go EditingFeatureGO-3439Autocomplete and inspection for comment sentences first word
FeatureGO-3135Language injection for go:generate comments
BugGO-8786After applying "Invert if", the cursor has moved
Go GeneralFeatureGO-7082Go modules: enable vendoring mode automatically when vendor directory is appeared
BugGO-7842Unclickable popup in app engine run configuration
BugGO-8720Type is not inferred when project has several idea modules
UsabilityGO-8197Project view does not show dependencies as "External Libraries" when using go modules and vendoring
Go InspectionsFeatureGO-5764Copy lock inspection
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