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  • GoLand 193.6494.61 Release Notes
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Go DebuggerBugGO-8781debugger doesn't work if localhost resolves to a ipv6 address
BugGO-8691Goland debugger not starting
Go GeneralFeatureGO-7082Go modules: enable vendoring mode automatically when vendor directory is appeared
BugGO-8830No import package quickfix for package from module dependencies
BugGO-8860Resolve is broken inside vendor for Go modules
UsabilityGO-8197Project view does not show dependencies as "External Libraries" when using go modules and vendoring
Go TestingBugGO-8883Test framework quit unexpectedly
Data ViewsBugDBE-10017Hidden but their names are not crossed out in structure view
IDE GeneralBugDBE-10089Scopes missing
SQL GeneralBugDBE-10031Everything is red
BugDBE-10030SQL Dialect missing: OracleSqlPlus
JavaScriptBugWEB-43612Flow: statement expected is thrown when a UnionTypeAnnotation is used as type annotation of type parameters.
PerformanceWEB-43493IDE Freeze in 2019.3.2
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-43354WebStorm can't recognize Quasar components as of version 1.7.4 (1.7.3. works)
PerformanceWEB-43017Slow scroll in new version 2019.3
Node.jsBugWEB-43298Can't install packages with yarn 2.0.0-rc22
Unit TestsBugWEB-43584Unable to run single Karma test with karma-jasmine >= 3.1.0
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