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  • GoLand 192.7142.47 Release Notes
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Go DebuggerBugGO-8192Breakpoint cannot find file in Container until step into module
BugGO-8186Delve version too high for Go 1.10
BugGO-8277Debugger does not stop on breakpoint; breakpoint bullet changes to "could not find file"
Go GeneralBugGO-8177Go Module show error in IDE but run normal in terminal
Go InspectionsBugGO-5766Unused variable not detected
Go RefactoringsBugGO-8158Implement methods should not create type and methods where those can't be defined, e.g. inside functions/methods
Data ViewsBugDBE-9338The row number is truncated in table view
SQL GeneralBugDBE-9376MS SQL parses incorrectly when column alias is "load"
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-9353Inlay hint is strange for VALUES
BugDBE-9317Add az64 compression encoding support
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