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  • GoLand 191.6183.86 Release Notes
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Go DebuggerBugGO-7122Jump to source does not work on non-standard library types
BugGO-7123Add option to navigate to underlying type source
BugGO-5363Graceful detach from Remote debugging
Go FormatterBugGO-7091Wrong indentation after block comment
BugGO-7128"Group current project imports" doesn't work as expected
BugGO-7120Auto-import adds redundant import
Go InspectionsBugGO-6704Incorrect Comments allowed
User Interface. NavigationTaskIDEA-209217Fixed size RL popup
Version ControlPerformanceIDEA-208067Project leak via EditorImpl -> InlayModelImpl -> AnnotateRevisionAction$MyVcsVirtualFile
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