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  • GoLand 191.6183.59 Release Notes
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Go BuildBugGO-7065Cannot parse relative path in Windows format in Go compiler output
Go DebuggerFeatureGO-6345In the debugger, make it possible to show variable addresses
FeatureGO-6271Invoke whatis on evaluating .(type) expression
BugGO-7062Neither Ctrl+Q nor F4 work in Variables view for expanded nodes
BugGO-6509not able to modify struct/pointers vars while debug in Goland
UsabilityGO-6662Display contained type in debugger when displaying an interface{}
Go EditingFeatureGO-6740Auto import should add an alias when package name doesn't match import path
Go FormatterBugGO-7110goland indentation problems in go scopes #2
BugGO-7090goland indentation problems in go scopes
Go InspectionsBugGO-7088Nilness false positive: captured variable should not be highlighted
BugGO-7111GoLand don't hight light error
BugGO-6864Slice indexes should be in non-descending order
BugGO-7014False positive nillness inspection for channels in select with a default clause
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-208033Go to next highlighted error is broken
Code NavigationBugIDEA-207132Recent locations popup shows 1 less snippets as in settings
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-208537folding toggles are not shown for added fold regions
Platform APIFeatureIDEA-209082Allow IDEs to customize which builds can be used as possible updates
DB ConnectivityBugDBE-7106Connection error after using mysql-dump on data source with ssh tunnel
SQL GeneralPerformanceDBE-7930Infinite spin (UI freeze) in com.intellij.sql.inspections.SqlIllegalCursorStateInspection$createAnnotationVisitor$1.visitSqlRouti neDefinition -> FlowUtilKt.computePossibleCursorStates
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-7648PL/SQL Inspection to Report Use of GOTO statements
BugDBE-7932Incorrect inspection on UNION usage in DELETE statement
No subsystemBugWEB-37751Poor documentation formatting for 'ary' function in lodash
BugWEB-37754Meaningless text in quickdoc for document.createElement() invoked from a TS file
JavaScriptBugWEB-37736Flow process is not finished when close IDE
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-35820Issue with spellchecking an expression with & and ;
BugWEB-34475Angular Dependency and Angular Schematics actions should not be available for scratches and libraries in the project view
BugWEB-37879Angular: $event type is wrong in (ngModelChange)
BugWEB-36856Go to definition for some Ionic components takes you to metadata
BugWEB-36790Angular (version 7) intellisense not working with symlinks
BugWEB-21457Angular2: path in templateUrl changes to path relative to current file on refactoring
BugWEB-37737Angular: issues if dot-prefixed templateUrl is relative to base path
BugWEB-37396Exception when invoking 'Replace with template string' action in the angular template
BugWEB-37693Angular: Inspection "Component or directive matching ... out of the ... scope" broken if importing ModuleAndProviders
BugWEB-37797Angular: incorrect text coloring if char entities are used.
BugWEB-37791Angular structural directive without argument disables styling
BugWEB-37798Angular: generic members of parent class not resolved correctly in template
LintersBugWEB-37761Unexpected Language service response - eslint with ts files (vue-parser as parser)
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