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  • GoLand 183.5153.54 Release Notes
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Go BuildBugGO-6628Global proxy settings are passed as env variables to go programs and shadow run config environment variable
Go CompletionCosmeticsGO-6637Auto complete should not try to complete numbers
Go EditingFeatureGO-6318Intention 'Convert to short variable declaration'
Go InspectionsBugGO-6638Incorrect "unresolved reference" report when accessing c struct in go
Go RefactoringsBugGO-6504Move refactoring: moving a declaration with comments should leave a blank line between previous declaration and the start of the comment
BugGO-6548Can't move go declaration in out-of-project roots.
BugGO-6627Change signature doesn't update multi-assignments
BugGO-6669Change signature doesn't update return when deleting result parameter which is returned
No subsystemBugGO-6696"Go Modules (vgo) detected" notification is redundant when we explicitly create Go Modules project
UsabilityGO-4510Preview struct hasn't format
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