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  • GoLand 183.4284.47 Release Notes
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Go BuildBugGO-6360Automatically set the Working Directory to the nearest go.mod containing directory
Go CompletionUsabilityGO-6165Better completion for struct declaration
Go DebuggerBugGO-6125Incorrect value in 'view' window of debugger
BugGO-6391Remote debugging doesn't work when the client is Windows and target system is Linux
UsabilityGO-6344In Debugger, setting a variable to another value is inconvenient
CosmeticsGO-2693Unnamed return variable names not clear for their purpose when debugging
Go EditingBugGO-6363Format string folding incorrectly handles expressions
BugGO-6381Generate constructor: better name for unexported type
Go GeneralBugGO-6117go fmt action doesn't work in Go Modules project
BugGO-6359Pass GO111MODULE=on env var setting to the terminal for Go Modules projects
CosmeticsGO-5291Project Wizard: Go module tooltip is the same as one for Web modules
Go InspectionsBugGO-6266Inspection 'Shadowing variable' should not complain about type switches
BugGO-6207"Imports are not sorted" inspection should not show when there is a comment
PerformanceGO-5310Test performance of print and printf functions inspection
Go RefactoringsBugGO-3236Extract Method lets you change variable types but not names
Go TestingBugGO-6357Coverage marks covered code as uncovered
BugGO-6343Code coverage reports 100% although one line is marked as missing
No subsystemBugGO-5262Renaming feature doesn't work well with public variable
No subsystemBugIDEA-201279ctrl-p ctrl-n not working as expected in Webstorm 2018.3 EAP OSX
BugIDEA-201729IntelliJ EAP keeps indexing the same files over and over
UsabilityIDEA-200263[Run anything] Window can be resized too small
DebuggerUsabilityIDEA-200959Speed search in debugger Variables view expands nodes
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-201843NavBar popups are closed on up/down/speed search
Version Control. GitUsabilityIDEA-190367Shortcut for git branch by default
DB IntrospectionFeatureDBE-7198DataGrip Should Provide Pattern to functionNamePattern in DatabaseMetaData.getFunctions() call.
IDE GeneralCosmeticsDBE-4250Inconsistent Invalidate Cache / Restart location
SQL Format and StyleFeatureDBE-6819Indent-only no-alignment code style (also C-like style)
BugDBE-7220Indent everything between BEGIN TRANSACTION and COMMIT statement MSSQL
BugDBE-1376SQL Formatting: line break before closing ")"
SQL RefactoringFeatureDBE-636SQL Intention: Introduce/inline table alias
JSONFeatureWEB-35463Add a checkbox to prefer remote JSON schemas over bundled schemas
JavaScriptExceptionWEB-35658IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'element'
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-32129Angular: `ng-zorro-antd` directives not resolved
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