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  • GoLand 182.3684.99 Release Notes
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Go CompletionBugGO-5101Do not insert space on completing return in void function
Go DocumentationFeatureGO-2936Align struct fields in documentation according to gofmt style
Go FormatterBugGO-5964Wrong spacing in binary expressions with unary expressions
BugGO-5963Wrong indentation in multiline make and new calls
BugGO-5931Wrong alignment for mix of elements with and without keys
BugGO-5893Wrong formatting for long keys/values in composite literals
BugGO-5937Wrong alignment for literal elements with first element on same line as open bracket
BugGO-5890Code formatting in GoLand conflict with `go fmt ./...`
Go GeneralFeatureGO-5968Automatically select Go binary as vgo binary in Go 1.11
Go InspectionsBugGO-4999False positive: 'simpify expression' inspection when comparing interface values
BugGO-5631Better full path for types in type compatibility inspection
BugGO-5601False positive: invalid case in switch when interfaces are involved
No subsystemUsabilityGO-4510Preview struct hasn't format
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-6362Redshift view with no schema binding - unable to inspect columns
Data ViewsFeatureDBE-4100Feature Request: Show column comments in tooltips
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