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  • GoLand 182.3458.17 Release Notes
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Go CompletionFeatureGO-4553Completion for map and slice literals
BugGO-5777Smart type completion doesn't suggest method in context
Go EditingBugGO-5781Do not remove import "C" from import list
BugGO-5862Return parameters are not highlighted for function literal inside return statement
BugGO-5826Do not import packages from vgo paths in non-vgo projects
BugGO-5375Add import alias intention doesn't support dot as an alias name
BugGO-5731To suggest pointer to struct/array in return completion
Go FormatterBugGO-3519Incorrect formatting
BugGO-5503Reformat code breaks golang annotations
Go GeneralFeatureGO-5828Update support for vgo's new cache folder
FeatureGO-5857Always display the package name of the type in the View | Expression Type functionality
BugGO-5854Show package structure display of the file name is flaky
BugGO-5859#include "textflag" in asm file
BugGO-5817Tooltip show in the wrong location
BugGO-5827Highlighter gets confused with multiple named return variables
BugGO-5724Structure Display Shows Duplicate Listings For The Same 'Type'.
UsabilityGO-5806Unable to select option from menu
Go InspectionsFeatureGO-5819Don't show message about missing documentation for known methods
FeatureGO-5342Types compatibility check: Add "Convert" quick fix if a conversion is legal
BugGO-5698Bad syntax for struct tag value
BugGO-5852Empty comment for method will cancel the "Exported method should have a comment...." inspection but it shouldn't
BugGO-5432False positive: 'evaluated but not used' error for user defined 'new' function
BugGO-5433User defined 'make' function is treated as the builtin one
BugGO-5679False positive error "Cannot truncate: int32(value) to type int32"
BugGO-5762Composite literal uses unkeyed fields
BugGO-5801Cannot find usages of test file declaration in tests
BugGO-3932Bad simplify warning `Reports redundant and suspect parts of boolean expressions.`
Go RefactoringsFeatureGO-2978Extract method refactoring, not extract function refactoring
FeatureGO-5369Move methods and constructors associated with types
FeatureGO-4116Refactor import option to dot import
BugGO-5861Move refactoring produces invalid code when receiver name clashes with package name
BugGO-5741Conflict isn't shown when a target package contains a symbol with the same name
UsabilityGO-5851Move refactoring window does not mark identifiers as required until a filename is selected value is present
Go TemplateFeatureGO-5813Support assignment statement in templates
No subsystemBugGO-5747To disable clipboard detection in a project without go modules
BugGO-3939External Tool using incorrect GOPATH
UsabilityGO-5187Overwrite GOPATH/GOROOT environment variables in terminal with values defined in project settings
No subsystemTaskIDEA-194110Turn on Run Anything action in IDEA
IDE ConfigurationExceptionIDEA-193753MissingResourceException: Can't find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key
Packaging and InstallationTaskIDEA-189413Bundle Kotlin 1.2.50 with IntelliJ IDEA
Platform APIBugIDEA-193989IDE does not start - broken icon loading by relative path and IconPathPatcher in multiple plugins
No subsystemFeatureWEB-31541Generate debug configuration for @angular/cli
FeatureWEB-33236Add ng add integration
BugWEB-33364Angular template reference wrong typing
BugWEB-33217DartAnalysisServerService trying to read files on disposed project
DartFeatureWEB-33112Be able to run test of dart 2 code in intellij
BugWEB-33251Unable to run unit tests from folder with space in path
BugWEB-33011Unfortunate Dart formatting of syntactically valid code
BugWEB-33051Dart formatter swallows white space on line merge
JavaScriptCosmeticsWEB-31831Settings: JS/TS: Code generation: align fields on the page
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-29682Angular CLI 1.5 generators don't have command line arguments info
BugWEB-32507wrong type mismatch error when using template reference variable for <textarea> (due to uppercase-misspelling)
BugWEB-33526React Class Component template should be 'Component' instead of 'PureComponent'
BugWEB-33451Insufficient new project name validation for latest Angular CLI versions
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-33309'Move module member' should move assignments to properties
BugWEB-33091UI issues with the Move Symbol dialog on resize
BugWEB-33417Move ES6 module member: usages of react components should be updated
BugWEB-33416Disable Inline refactoring for React functional components
JavaScript. TemplatesBugWEB-18941Handlebars: avoid errors when expression is used as attribute value
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-33200Rerun failed Karma tests
BugWEB-33259 WSL: interpreter from linux is invalid for Karma RC
BugWEB-33216Error when rerun failed Karma test in 'Run with coverage'
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