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  • GoLand 181.3741.27 Release Notes
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Go BuildFeatureGO-555can not run multi file project
Go CompletionBugGO-5118Add unambiguous imports option imports packages in broken sources leading to undesired imports
Go RefactoringsFeatureGO-4088Refactoring: Move to different file (within same package)
BugGO-5347Inline for several assignment works wrong
Go TestingFeatureGO-4461Do not suggest to run Example functions without output
BugGO-2891Test runner progress for deadlocked tests
BugGO-5225Huge amount of whitespace generated in console window when running a test hierarchy
BugGO-4702Если в двух разных модулях есть тесты (функции) с одинаковыми названиями, то при кликаннии на названиях теста открывается один и тот же файл
BugGO-3992When running subtests, logged output is assigned to the wrong subtest
UsabilityGO-4870Subtests should be displayed as a tree a well
No subsystemBugGO-5345All imports are removed when there is a parse error before usages
No subsystemBugIDEA-184383Large icons since 2017.3
BugIDEA-186544NullPointerException in AbstractToolsUsagesCollector
Code CoverageBugIDEA-186492IntelliJ Coverage runner does not work with Java 9: Illegal reflective access by TestDiscoveryInstrumenter
IDE ConfigurationUsabilityIDEA-169473Work parameter "" is visible only in the "* .vmoptions" file
Platform APIFeatureIDEA-185693Provide an API to programmatically pause/resume indexing during heavy activities
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-142062DevKit: make TestDataReferenceContributor work for Kotlin
User InterfaceBugIDEA-185405Nested Idea does not scale on kubuntu 17.10 / KDE Plasma 5
UsabilityIDEA-173072Change wording in "IDE updates are managed externally and weren't checked": message is unclear
CosmeticsIDEA-186151New quick-doc: opening it many times causing gradual size growth
i18nBugIDEA-183409There is no name of Resource Bundle in Resource Bundle Editor
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-3804make a javadoc popup more usable if there is several different items to show doc for exists
FeatureWEB-11052Add support for markdown in jsdoc
BugWEB-6164Documentation is not shown for function with no textual comment
JavaScript. FrameworksCosmeticsWEB-30808Some of the vue components may have an empty body
Node.jsBugWEB-31166Yarn isn't set when creating projects with yarn.lock via generator
TypeScriptBugWEB-30550'Create variable/function' is not suggested if reference is via namespace
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