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  • GoLand 173.4548.17 Release Notes
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Go BuildFeatureGO-3686Add Output directory field in Go Test run configurations
BugGO-5080Cannot start gcloud 182 with appengine 1.9.63
UsabilityGO-5176Add warning while cross-compiling with Run after build enabled
UsabilityGO-5175While cross-compiling add GOOS content to binary name
Go FormatterBugGO-5197Formatting in switch statement is wrong
Go RefactoringsBugGO-5198Cannot perform refactoring in switch context
Go TemplateFeatureGO-5215Template: add new actions break and continue
BugGO-5104tempalate js error
Go TestingBugGO-5076Cannot run a directory kind configuration when the working directory is the parent of the tested directory
No subsystemBugGO-5031Bug: field of type alias is resolved, but it should not
No subsystemBugIDEA-171404allow UI scale exceed 2x
BugIDEA-182999find in path dialog is not initialized from text selections in find occurrences previews
BugIDEA-185359Focus jumps to parent folder after item rename
ExceptionIDEA-184929NPE at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-183823'Compare with clipboard' shortcut is not working in the commit dialog
Find, Replace, Find UsagesCosmeticsIDEA-184726Misspelling in search and replace dialog box
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-183434syntax error at ide.sigint.ignored.url?
IndicesBugIDEA-123287Multiple "Updating indices" bg tasks after external file system changes
Project ViewBugIDEA-180143Deleting empty package causes Project View to reset selection to the root
SQLBugIDEA-184057SQL autocomplete is upper case and prepends schema name
User InterfaceBugIDEA-179312Project View Popup - Does Not Match Settings
BugIDEA-158873Evaluate window: cannot TAB from expression into results tree
BugIDEA-183580New background image feature covers up background color of color schemes
BugIDEA-183953Windows: "Show in Explorer" does not work with cyrillic symbols
UsabilityIDEA-183950Create directory/file in project view should move selection to created item
Version ControlBugIDEA-183986Compare with Local works incorrectly in a folder history
BugIDEA-183691modification info not visible in commit dialog
No subsystemBugDBE-5703Invalid DDL is generated when a function with defaults is dropped in Postgres
DB ConnectivityBugDBE-5687NullPointerException connecting to a specific SQL Server database
DB ConsoleBugDBE-5696Dialog pops-up asking for parameters for Postgres query when no parameters are required
DB RefactoringBugDBE-2404Foreign keys: on delete set null missing in Oracle
SQL CompletionBugDBE-938Column type completion shows table names on SQLServer
SQL EditingFeatureDBE-2232SQL: proper uncommenting for nested comments
BugDBE-1705Bad code is green: declare not at beginning of function
BugDBE-3849Folding breaks on last column in SELECT list
BugDBE-3750SQL: Oracle: numeric literal and FROM without a space between is green
BugDBE-5464MySQL syntax for DROP USER commands does not recognize IF EXISTS clause correctly in Code Inspector
UsabilityDBE-2244SQL: typing quote does not insert pair quote with non empty string literal after typing position
UsabilityDBE-2245SQL: typing quote does not insert pair quote with more than one character prefix
SQL GenerationBugDBE-5575Foreign key constraint names are not unique on generation
BugDBE-4983newline in Oracle DB adds character 'n' to to DDL
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-5508Add support for method seperator in plsql packages
BugDBE-5636Exasol: support user-defined scalar functions (pl/SQL style) syntax
BugDBE-3521Error in code analysis when procedure parameter has same name as local variable name (TSQL)
BugDBE-4356Syntax error: grant update on specific field
DebuggerBugWEB-30438Unable to debug React Native iOS project - "Error running 'iOS': Can't start debugger" message
LintersBugWEB-29873ESLint module can't be found when installed in a subfolder
BugWEB-30497ESLint: errors from eslint-plugin-import are reported when they shouldn't
TypeScriptBugWEB-30484Cannot parse TypeScript generic async arrow function
PerformanceWEB-30474Typescript inspections hanging
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