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  • GoLand 2021.1.3 Release Notes
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Go Build and RunBug GO-10986 gocheck doesn't show under package wide test menu
Go DebuggerBug GO-10882 Delve version doesn't update if debugger is running before update
Bug GO-11166 Unable to update Delve from old GoLand version on M1 during update
Task GO-11087 Add Delve version to troubleshooting.txt
Code GenerationBug DBE-13287 Completion doesn't work in Modify Table if the casing doesn't match
Usability DBE-13292 DataGrip SQL Server - Exclude Extended properties from Generate DDL
ConnectivityBug DBE-13313 Can't connect to remote MySQL since last version of IntelliJ
IntrospectionBug DBE-12442 Oracle DB - Introspection failure after upgrading to 2020.3.1 (ORA-00907 when retrieving defaults and check predicates via XML)
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