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CheckIOBugEDU-2532"Failed to check the task" balloon is broken
BugEDU-3508"Checking took too much time" on "Check" action if user is logged out
UsabilityEDU-3593Do now show check result tool window if task was not checked on CheckiO
CheckerBugEDU-3521Can't match newline char between python print() output and output.txt while evaluating the task
UsabilityEDU-3580JavaScript: validate nodejs interpreter
Course Selection ViewBugEDU-3598Course Selection View: Course tab: "Start" button works incorrectly
BugEDU-3599Course Selection View: Custom course location isn't respected
BugEDU-3597"Start" button on individual course panel doesn't close dialog
BugEDU-3584Project settings are not set properly when using "Start" button from courses lists
BugEDU-3603"Create course preview" is broken
BugEDU-3610For existing courses incorrect location is shown
BugEDU-3607Custom project (e.g. JDK) settings are ignored if course list start is used
BugEDU-3585Impossible to start a course after removing its folder from disk
BugEDU-3612Select Course: JBA: "Close" in project settings dialog closes "Browse Courses"
UsabilityEDU-3586Use different colors for selected course and course on hover
TaskEDU-3573Proper description for Community and Stepik tabs
TaskEDU-3239Use BG_MAIN_COLOR everywhere instead of tool window background color
EducatorBugEDU-3549Rust: "No such file or directory" error in Event log on empty lesson creating
BugEDU-3553Rust: validate new task name in Rust courses
JB Academy (Hyperskill)FeatureEDU-3305Support code challenges which have language different from selected project
FeatureEDU-3372Allow storing git object files in the project
BugEDU-3267Confusing message from IntelliJ plugin if track is changed on JetBrains Academy
BugEDU-2501If stage has been done correctly once, next stage should be available forever without reference to current state
BugEDU-3490Create Main.kt file instead of Task.kt when solving Kotlin problems
BugEDU-3640Web track can't be opened in WebStorm
BugEDU-2618Hyperskill: Authorization always fails
BugEDU-3436Do not update the whole course at code problem opening
BugEDU-3544"Error running 'test.js': Cannot find bin file for "package " when pressing check
BugEDU-2954Problems doesn't save when IDE terminated
BugEDU-3252No code insight in .java file for code problem loaded into just created JB Academy project
UsabilityEDU-2798Code Chalenges require declaration of the additional classes
UsabilityEDU-2806Left arrow in "Problems" should be disabled if first problem is selected
Languages or Technologies SupportTaskEDU-3168Add environment validation
Learner ExperienceBugEDU-3600Possible UI freezes while posting tweet from the plugin
UsabilityEDU-3571Course loading dialog cannot be canceled
Project GenerationBugEDU-3594Kotlin Koans is broken
BugEDU-3627Import Local Course: "Open" instead "Start" for locally created courses
StepikCosmeticsEDU-3300Submissions panel: colors are not adjusted in High Contrast theme
Task DescriptionBugEDU-3591Improve framework lessons title
BugEDU-3361"hint" block make nearest following strong(**text**)highlight not working
BugEDU-3421Task contents & check result is rewritten simultaneously
BugEDU-3614CheckPanel: use the same links color
BugEDU-3388Scaling in JavaFx task description tool window doesn't work
BugEDU-3615Improve problems task description
UsabilityEDU-3494Change link from 'Show Full Output' to 'Hide Output' when Check Details tool window with output is opened
TaskEDU-3587Add "Open on JetBrains Academy" link to task description for project stages
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