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  • EduTools 3.9 Release Notes
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CheckIOTaskEDU-3370Support CheckIO mission check with JCEF
TaskEDU-3502Support creating CheckiO course with JCEF
CheckerBugEDU-3349Go: output tasks check fails due to difference in separators
TaskEDU-3309Add links to Troubleshooting guide to error messages
CodeforcesFeatureEDU-3220Reload codeforces task action
Course Selection ViewBugEDU-3439Create course preview dialog: grey line under seetings
BugEDU-3453Make Community courses go before Stepik in tabs view
BugEDU-3430"No content" does not allow to select languages
BugEDU-3531Make course description panel scrollable
Course ViewBugEDU-3411Theory tasks are marked as completed in Course View only after changing its state
EducatorFeatureEDU-2793Option to display "Peek Solution" only after success
BugEDU-3410Theory tasks are marked as completed in Educator mode
BugEDU-3523Course Preview dialog: Start button doesn't work
InfrastructureTaskEDU-3526Don't override services
JB Academy (Hyperskill)FeatureEDU-3402Support Scala projects
BugEDU-3185Don't replace spaces with NBSP characters in the grader feedback
BugEDU-3398Block or alert when user is Anonymous
BugEDU-3447Leading spaces are missing in EduTools task window.
BugEDU-3442"Reset task" action resets the stage to empty
BugEDU-3301IDE opens project stage on "Solve in IDE" action for Code Problem
BugEDU-3435Multiple update checker launch
BugEDU-3377Failed to post solution to JetBrains Academy - Unexpected error: ["All files are hidden. Add at least one visible file"]
BugEDU-3445Encoding error in the error message for the project stage
TaskEDU-3438Post is_visible status in Hyperskill submissions
Languages or Technologies SupportFeatureEDU-2166Support Cargo workspaces
BugEDU-3049Significant delay in Browse Courses when selecting any Python course
StepikFeatureEDU-3401Request to support text tasks or at least offer to complete them on Stepik
ExceptionEDU-2320Throwable at
Task DescriptionFeatureEDU-3487Show a link with a clickable image for youtube videos
BugEDU-3522Scrollbar isn't updated when changing Laf in JavaFX panel
BugEDU-3460JCEF: unsupported symbols in Task Description
BugEDU-3515Task Descriptions of Hyperskill code problems looks bad in JCEF
BugEDU-3529Psi link doesn't work in JCEF
BugEDU-3491Pressing "hint" make task description pane unresponsible
YAMLBugEDU-1913Remove LoadFromConfig action once everything work automatically
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