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  • EduTools 3.8 Release Notes
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CheckerBugEDU-3404Run button in a theory task does not recognize main method inside an object in Kotlin
CodeforcesBugEDU-3358Codeforces: Submit solution link is not rendered after project reopening
BugEDU-3308Codeforces: "Compare Outputs..." shows untrimmed actual result
BugEDU-2988Codeforces: after I submitted solution, "submit" link leads somewhere incorrect
UsabilityEDU-3307Codeforces: action to manually mark task as completed
Course Selection ViewBugEDU-3390Join button sometimes enabled for JBA courses if user not logged in
BugEDU-3396Courses for unsupported languages shouldn't be shown in Browse Courses dialog(ex. Java for PyCharm)
CosmeticsEDU-3369Create hideable settings component without line
EducatorBugEDU-2765Generate Course Archive ignores taskFiles
IDEBugEDU-3405Plugin settings cannot be find via Find Action
TaskEDU-3311Make twitter settings application settings instead of project ones
InfrastructureBugEDU-3323Unable to login to Stepik
JB Academy (Hyperskill)FeatureEDU-3175Support submissions display for Hyperskill
FeatureEDU-3166Action to download user's submission in teacher mode
BugEDU-3302IDE doesn't load solutions for Code Problems from hyperskill
BugEDU-3316IDE loads only main file while opening JBA project with more than one file in submission.
BugEDU-3317Failed to determine language while opening a project as a teacher
CosmeticsEDU-2255Hyperskill: task result is too long
StepikBugEDU-2520EDU Plugin - No courses found behind proxy
Task DescriptionFeatureEDU-3254Add x1.25 video playback speed
FeatureEDU-2412Save verification state for tasks constantly
BugEDU-3399Submissions tab appears with delay
TaskEDU-3313Change layout for check results
YAMLBugEDU-3363Allow empty framework lessons
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