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  • EduTools 2021.11 Release Notes
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CodeforcesUsabilityEDU-4227Improve the "Start Contests" workflow
TaskEDU-4570Change the text for finished contests according to the new mock-up
ExceptionEDU-4675NoSuchMethodError in the Scala Codeforces course on 2021.3
TaskEDU-4571Rename the "past contests" group to "Past Contests (Practice)"
FeatureEDU-3636Submit solutions from an IDE to Codeforces
Course Selection ViewCosmeticsEDU-4660Remove the "Not yet rated" label from the "Course Preview" panel and make the panel taller
EducatorTaskEDU-4405Change the default task description format to Markdown
JetBrains AcademyFeatureEDU-4504Support Go "edu" problems
FeatureEDU-4503Support Go "code" problems
BugEDU-4714Project: Obscene Vocabulary Checker - stage 2 fails in ide with correct suolution
BugEDU-4706The "Retry" button isn't shown in data tasks
BugEDU-4709"Bad check profile” error occurs each time when checking Go project stage results
BugEDU-4641Impossible to solve Kotlin topics in IDEA when the Android track is selected
BugEDU-4620After a problem is solved, feedback text should be wrapped by word, not by character
Languages or Technologies SupportExceptionEDU-4678Throwable: "this constructor is deprecated and going to be removed soon"
MarketplaceExceptionEDU-4692Throwable when updating unapproved courses on Marketplace
BugEDU-4628"Select courses" dialog: course order changes after reopen
FeatureEDU-4694Support custom comment links for Marketplace courses
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