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DataGrip 1.0.2 Release Notes

DB.ConnectivityFeatureDBE-103Interface to easily connect to localdb instances
BugDBE-1933Cannot connect to DB, driver settings keep reverting to the Abstract Driver class on "Apply"
DB.IntrospectionFeatureDBE-1404MSSQL Support User-Defined Data Types (non-CLR)
BugDBE-2136Create data source dialog doesn't detect all schemas for MSSQL
BugDBE-2061MS SQL and Sybase Data Source Configuration Window: wildcards in schema list don't work
DB.RefactoringBugDBE-1393Postgres: Renaming quoted columns
BugDBE-2079Oracle: impossible to edit "on delete actions" for foreign keys
BugDBE-408Support comments for column/table
IDE.GeneralBugDBE-2095"Confirm application exit" setting not work
IDE.User InterfaceBugDBE-153Add truncate for multiple tables
SQL.HighlightingBugDBE-2085Sybase dialect doesn't recognize special variables (starting with @@)
BugDBE-1860Statement ALTER TABLE table_name ADD CONSTRAINT FOREIGN KEY is not highlighted as erroneous
BugDBE-2165Problem compiling oracle package containing "merge" statement
BugDBE-2168Unknown database function 'Try_Convert'
FeatureDBE-2089PostgreSQL 9.5 support
BugDBE-2171PostgreSQL select with no fields parse error
SQL.EditingBugDBE-2133Custom folding issue

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  1. In release 1.0.2 the 'edit views' option has been removed from the context menu when selecting a view (MS SQL), has it moved somewhere else? It was in 1.0.1.

    1. That was actually table editor, not view editor, so we've fixed that misbehave (wink)