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Welcome a new 0xDBE 1.0 EAP. See Notable Changes for more details on what's inside.




Windows installer


Windows zip archive


Unix archive


Unix archive with JRE 1.8u51 custom build


Mac installer


Mac installer with JRE 1.8u51 custom build

Notable Changes

Now when you use the Find action in the Table editor via Ctrl + F (Cmd + F for OS X), it offers a checkbox to filter rows. This way you can easily hide irrelevant rows.

For the full list of changes in this build, refer to the Release Notes.

Getting started

Be sure to check the documentation to learn how to quickly get started with 0xDBE.


0xDBE is still under development and we really appreciate your feedback. Please submit bug reports and feature requests directly to the issue tracker. In case you have a question, don't hesitate to ask it on our discussion forum.


If you'd like to get EAP news via email, be sure to sign up for the EAP at http://www.jetbrains.com/dbe/eap/.

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  1. Anonymous

    I installed 0xDBE for use with sql server and I am very interested in the features, but there is one big glaring thing that is missing or I am missing it.  When I connect to a server, I cannot view the databases and related tables in the database window.  If I cannot view the objects in the server, then the other productivity improvements over Sql Server Management Studio are not enough to overcome that one issue for me.

  2. What version of SQL server are you using?  Are you connecting from Linux/Mac or Windows?  I've been using the latest release of 0xDBE with SQL Server Express 2014 and haven't had any issues save one: If the SQL Server Browser service isn't running, 0xDBE isn't able to automatically populate the server information in the connection screen.  Once connected though, I can definitely see all of my tables/columns, execute queries, etc...I've even hacked together a POCO generator for EF.