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Welcome a new 0xDBE 1.0 EAP. See Notable Changes for more details on what's inside.




Windows installer


Windows zip archive


Unix archive


Unix archive with JRE 1.8u51 custom build


Mac installer


Mac installer with JRE 1.8u51 custom build

Notable Changes

  • The Data Extraction settings used previously for data export have been replaced with flexible CSV Formats which work both ways: for data export and editing text in a Table Editor. Now you can select any text and choose Edit as Table from the context menu. The IDE will ask you to specify the format settings.

  • Also, now you can specify custom templates for primary keys, foreign keys and indices code generation:

  • For Linux we now offer an alternative archive with a custom JRE build where font rendering is much better.
  • And, of course, there's more

Getting started

Be sure to check the documentation to learn how to quickly get started with 0xDBE.


0xDBE is still under development and we really appreciate your feedback. Please submit bug reports and feature requests directly to the issue tracker. In case you have a question, don't hesitate to ask it on our discussion forum.


If you'd like to get EAP news via email, be sure to sign up for the EAP at http://www.jetbrains.com/dbe/eap/.

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  1. ASR

    Are there any plans to add the schema switching functionality to the console windows in IntelliJ IDEA?

    Are there any plans to add include functionality like in psql (PostgreSQL) or sqlplus (Oracle)?  For example you can @file.sql in sqlplus and \i file.sql in psql to include a file.  Currently if I want to "run" a .sql file, it cannot process these type of includes even if the dialect is selected.

    Are there any plans to view table statistics, indexes, constraints, partitions, or triggers inside the database navigator?  Will there be functionality to give a GUI for common DBA tasks such as viewing/killing sessions?  Support for PL/SQL/pgPLSql ?

  2. I am used export to TSV by clipboard to Excel. But in last version this way was broken. Now I need much more actions to acquire the same result...

  3. Anonymous

    Can't seem to find the option to include column headers anymore. Used to having column headers when exporting through copying to clipboard, but can't for the life of me rind the option to do so anymore.