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We've just released 0xDBE 1.0 EAP 138.2221 build packed with lots of new features and bug-fixes.




Windows installer


Windows zip archive


Unix archive


Mac installer


If you're updating from 0xDBE, restart it manually after the patch is downloaded.

Notable Changes

  • Transposed Mode, Zooming, Image Detection and lots of other UI improvements in the Table Editor and Results View

  • The Value and Documentation views have been merged. The value info is a part of the Quick Documentation view now

  • Now you can quickly switch between Docked and Floated modes in the Quick Documentation view (by pressing the same shortcut)
  • The button in the Quick Documentation view that calculates the number of rows

  • The Query Info button on the toolbar of the Table Editor and Results View

  • The Event Log improvements: execution statistics and failed statements information

  • The Auto-Commit default can be set per Data Source

  • The capability to run large SQL files (and MySQL dumps)
  • The Auto Increment option in the Create New&hellip dialog.

  • The Navigate to a Table/Procedure action via Ctrl+N (Cmd+N for OS X)

  • Faster schema loading for SQL Server
  • Better coding assistance for CROSS JOINs
  • The redesigned Settings dialog

And many more… See the full list of changes in the release notes.

Getting started

Be sure to check the documentation to learn how to quickly get started with 0xDBE.


0xDBE is still under development and we really appreciate your feedback. Please submit bug reports and feature requests directly to the issue tracker. In case you have a question, don't hesitate to ask it on our discussion forum.


If you'd like to get EAP news via email, be sure to sign up for the EAP at http://www.jetbrains.com/dbe/eap/.

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  1. Hello 0xDBE team,

    I am trying to install the product on a pc at on my organisation's network ("closed" network - no internet connection).

    I am trying to work with Oracle DB. I saw that to work with Oracle there's a need to download ojdbc6-, so I downloaded it and placed it placed it in the folders --- \lib, \lib\src, \jre\jre\lib\ext, \jre\jre\lib (under C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\0xDBE 138.1400.3).

    Unfortunately — it still won't work. It says that the driver is missing but when I press download 0xDBE tries to download only this ojdbc jar file.

    Is there maybe a list of files I should download or maybe I'm not placing the .jar file at the right location? 



    1. Driver is downloaded in "USER_HOME\.0xDBE10\config\jdbc-drivers" folder. You can either add it automatically by downloading with the help of IDE or download manually and select this driver in Data Sources and Drivers configuration dialog for Orcle Data Source - https://db.tt/J634G1l0