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Spell Checker plugin is new integration of Jazzy spell checker into IntelliJ IDEA. This implementation used inspections for spelling error highlighting.


  • Spell check in values of properties files
  • Spell check in XML text and attribute values
  • Spell check in Java code (strings, naming, comments)
  • Spell check in simple text mode
  • Word completion from dictionary (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S)
  • Popup for spelling correction (alternative to Alt+Enter)


Spell Checker plugin is simple engine with no dictionaries on board by default. To install dictionaries you need to install depended plugin:

You also can create dictionary from any of Aspell dictionaries. Please read development guide of Spell Checker dictionaries.


  • Highlighting of misspelled words:
  • Alt+Enter look:
  • Popup look:
  • Completion word from dictionaries:
  • Installing dictionary:
  • Available inspections:
  • Configuration:
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  1. Why when new version is published, it is seems to plugins manager as new plugin and not as update ?



    1. I guess it bug of IDEA

  2. I don't think so. With many other plugins it works, even with plugins with spaces in their name like "FTP Bridge". I think all the "Spell Checker ..." plugins have some internal naming problems. They all show up in the in the list of installed plugins, but also still in the list of available plugins in black color. I guess there are some naming problems that prevents IDEA from seeing that both plugins are the same one. This also makes it hard to see if there is an update for the plugin.

  3. btw. I don't see any entry in the context menu like shown in the screenshot above. And if I try to install the German Dictionary, i get the message "Plugin Spell Checker Dictionary was not installed: Die Syntax für den Dateinamen, Verzeichnisnamen oder die Datenträgerbezeichnung ist falsch" The german part translated means "The syntax for the filename, directoryname or the volumename is wrong" (sad)

    1. Ah, forget the thing about not seeing the popup, I was just too blind, but the other things remain

      1. Very strange... Try to reinstall Dictionary plugin... As for me it worked OK.

        1. For what? For the entry in the context menu? As I said, that was my blindness.

          What remains is:

          - the error when trying to install the German dictionary

          - the naming problem or whatever it is

          1. I'm test installing German dictionary. It is worked fine for me.
            The naming problem is problem of IDEA, because it is confusing about plugin name "Spell Checker" and it id "SpellChecker".

            1. For me installing worked also, with the version that you uploaded today. (smile)

              And for the naming problem, why don't you use "Spell Checker" as the ID? 

              1. Oh, I guess you did in the version you released today, as they are now shown in blue and not in black anymore. Except for the Java Dictionary. For this the naming problem still exists.

  4. Are there any plans to update this plugin for version 8?

    Depending on time, I may be interested in helping out with this....

    1. It works fine with IDEA 8. Whats the problem?

      1. At the time I was running 8.0.0, now I am running 8.0.1 and didn't re-test.  Here is the error I received:

        Since IDEA instructed me to alert Jetbrains, I submitted this and I received the following reply:

        This plug-in is not compatible with 8.x versions.


  5. Please, Can you help me with this issue:
    I will repeat it here:

    (The problem begin around IDEA build 9647, and now I'm using 8.1 9732)

    I installed latest version of Spell Checker and configured it:


    But it only works in 'line comment', Not in block comment, class name, field name nor in string:



    1. Anonymous

      I'm also having this problem

      1. Anonymous

        Also the demonstration from the first screenshot no longer works i.e System.out.println("Helo world") is no longer highlighted.

        1. Well, I download the sources and fixed the problems. The open api was changed a lot, and this plugin is quite old.

          1. Anonymous

            Hi Boaz, 

            Is there any change you could share you fix?


            1. Yes sure, Sen me email to - Just reminder, It is for IntelliJ 8, You don't need it In 9