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xStructure plugin may be customized from Structure window and from Settings panel.

Structure window settings

When an XML file is opened inside text editor, the xStructure toolbar is automatically shown.

Toolbar provides 3 features :

  • selection : the combo box contains all mapping definition files associated to the current file. It allows to see which mapping set is currently used, and to select another file. Mapping sets are sorted by priority value defined inside mapping definition (mapping set with max value will be shown at first position and selected by default)
  • edition : the Edit button allows to edit the current used mapping definition file. You may update its content, structure view will be automatically reloaded when you'll go back to the edited file. It makes mappings edition very easy.
  • reloading : the Reload button reloads all mapping definition files stored in your mapping definitions directory (set in General Settings). This is convenient when you edit mapping definition files externally.

General settings

xStructure plugin is also configurable from General Settings (as Application Component). 3 options are available here :

  • Mapping definition directory : all mapping definition files must be stored in this directory. By default, this directory is created at %INTELLIJ_CONFIG_DIR%/xstructure. If you change this path, you'll also have to move contained files. Directory is created when it does not exist.
  • Synchronize default mappings at startup : if checked, default mappings bundled with plugin will be copied in your mapping definitions directory when you start Intellij IDEA. This allows to get last existing definitions. Default mappings are copied in a subdirectory default.
  • Overwrite existing files : when previous option is checked, you have to choose if bundled files should override existing files. You should uncheck this option if you customize default files.

NB : xStructure settings are stored in %INTELLIJ_CONFIG_DIR%/options/xstructure.xml

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