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The KonaWorks PowerPack is a bundle of several tools that we use and which we do like to share.

The features that are packed are: 

(Project View)
  • Group Modules - Group some or all of your modules easily by:
    • Type,
    • Parent directory,
    • Prefix or suffix,
    • DevKit (JDK/SDK),
    • VCS type,
    • Language level
  • Array Indexer  - Show 'array element index' hint (Alt+mouse over).
    Browsing any code that uses 'special array indexes' a lot? Then this might come in handy. (See the screenshot below for an impression)
  • Editor Gutter Context Menu - menu for Editor with:
    • Toggle Bookmark or Numbered Bookmark
    • Toggle Breakpoint, Method Breakpoint or Field Watchpoint
    • Toggle Show Line Numbers
  • Insert Into - A new code action to easily insert an expression inside a string literal. (Ctrl+Alt+Insert).
  • Javadoc Roots - Easily navigate to any of the Javadoc roots available to your project (Shift+Ctrl+F1).
    • The libraries or JDK that you use probably have some javadoc roots set. Use this popup to open a browser at any of those javadoc locations.
  • Tool Windows - 'Jump to ToolWindow...' popup (Alt+F12).
    • Since there are more toolwindows than Alt+[0-9] shortcuts...
  • Open Editors - 'View Open Editors' popup (Ctrl+Shift+E).
    • Just another style of navigation to an open editor (like the Recent Files popup). Like to have some other Editor Navigation? Checkout the TabSwitch or the EditorTree plugins


Handy Hint


With Module Grouping you can

  • select one module to group all modules or
  • make a selection to only group the selected modules
  • select a group node to re-group the modules contained in that group.


Missing anything? Questions? Suggestions for tools / grouping types / enhancements etc.?
Please add them below.

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