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This page identifies all supported and planned features.

Available features

  • Structure view
    • Label customization
    • Tooltip customization
    • Skip mode (to hide nodes)
    • Toolbar settings
      • Selection of one of supported mapping definition files
      • Link to edit currently used mapping definition file
      • Reloading all mapping definition files
  • General settings
    • Mapping definitions directory
    • Synchronize default mappings at startup
      • Overwrite existing files
  • Mapping definition file implementations
    • All implementations
      • Priority management
      • XSD matching support
      • DTD matching support
    • Default
      • Evaluation of multiple expression enclosed by brackets
    • XPath (experimental)
  • Mapping definition file edition
    • XSD schema provided for completion and error checking

Planned features

  • Structure view
    • Association of icons
    • Make user selection persistent for next IDEA sessions
  • General settings
    • Mapping definition file manager to retrieve files from web site
  • Mapping definition file implementations
    • File path matching support
    • Sorting children nodes by x
    • Custom reporting of mapping definition errors
    • Optimization for XPath
  • Mapping definition file edition
    • Completion and validation of expressions (match/label)
  • Intentions
    • Create xStructure definition for this model
  • Miscelleanous
    • Plugin logo
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