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  • Toolchains
    • Bundle MinGW toolchain in CLion installer on Windows (CPP-25680).
    • Add the ability to configure the toolchain environment via script (CPP-11768).
  • Project models
    • Bundle Ninja and use it as a default generator for CMake projects.
    • Continue with CMake Presets support, and maybe add support for CMake Presets version 3 (CPP-26183).
    • Fixes for Makefile projects and pre-configuration steps.
    • Automatically find executables corresponding to Makefile build targets (CPP-20678).
  • Debugger
  • Embedded
  • Static analysis
    • Improve global DFA and Lifetimes analysis, cover more cases, and make it even more accurate.
  • Annoying problems
    • Address the most annoying cases when automatic include directives are added inaccurately (CPP-5501).
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