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Let’s first look at the main priorities we have for 2020. Actually, they haven’t changed much since 2019. We are still focusing on:

  1. Performance and responsiveness: continue eliminating UI freezes and working on large architectural changes to make global improvements to CLion’s performance.
  2. Clangd: make the engine more stable and eliminate crashes, move as many IDE functions as possible to Clangd, and add new language features on top of the Clangd-based language engine.
  3. Project model: work on native support for Makefiles, consider other build systems such as Bazel, and work towards a project model API in CLion.
  4. Embedded: double the efforts we put into the embedded development support and work on more essential features in this area.
For 2020.1:
  • Clangd-based engine:
    •  Improve engine stability, eliminate crashes, investigate memory usage.
    •  Fix Clangd code completion issues.
    •  Automatically use the .clang-tidy config file in the project directory, if any.
    •  Move Data Flow Analysis to Clangd to improve the performance.
  • C++ support:
    •  Initial CUDA support.
    • Enhance typing in the multiline macros, and add other performance and responsiveness improvements.
    •  Introduce default values for Change Signature refactoring.
  • Project Models:
    •  Native Makefiles support. (private prototype)
    • Polish the CMake File API integration (including recompiling a single file).
  • Debugger:
  • Embedded development:
    •  IAR and armcc toolchain support (CPP-14192).
  • Various fixes and enhancements:
    •  Fix bugs and freezes related to remote toolchains.
    • Automatically add required compilation flags for sanitizers/coverage.
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