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  • Editor Responsiveness and Performance

We have some major architectural changes planned, which on the one hand could take longer than a single release cycle, but on the other hand, it will definitely improve the performance of many of the actions across the whole IDE. This should eliminate a big chunk of the existing UI freezes.

  • Further integration of Clangd-based C++ language engine
    •  Improve the accuracy and put back the ‘Unused includes’ diagnostic
    •  Move more of the IDE’s actions to Clangd-based engine (we are currently experimenting with a few and seeing how it goes)
    •  Bug-fixes and engine performance tuning
  • C++ language support
    • Action to switch header/source (reworking current go to related symbol action) – CPP-12920
    •  Continue with refactoring fixes, especially the Move refactoring
  • Embedded Development
    •  Peripheral view for ARM devices (support for SVD files)
    •  Support for custom gdbservers (ST-Link and J-Link GDB Servers)
  • Debugger
    •  Continue with the ongoing work on the Windows debugger (for MSVC). This debugger is being implemented from scratch and is based on LLDB. We hope to have a preview ready for v2019.2, but can’t promise anything at this stage.
    •  Improve current memory view
  • Project Model
    • (in progress) The ongoing work to create a project model API to allow 3rd-party plugin writers add support for currently unsupported build systems will continue during this release.
    • (in progress) Another direction is to start Makefiles support. Saying this, we are giving no promises regarding v2019.2, but just want to assure you that this is under careful investigation and analysis from our side.
  • Remote
    •  Various enhancements in remote development
    • An ability to launch the application automatically under gdbserver via ssh for remote debug (CPP-7050).
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