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  • Embedded Development
  • Debugger
    • Rework experimental hex implementation
    • (green star) Add memory view to CLion
    • (green star) Add disassembler view for LLDB debugger (only available for GDB for now)
    •  Work on debugger for MSVC on Windows (this might not be finished by the time 2019.1 is released, but some experimental preview will likely be available)
  • C++ support
    • (green star) Better indicators related to the Clangd-based engine (in order to measure the memory and CPU usage for this new engine on the user’s side)
    • (green star) Wider integration with Clangd-based language engine: the next candidate is syntax highlighting
    •  Various bug-fixes in CLion’s own language engine
  •  Performance improvements and elimination of freezes: here we plan to focus on memory and CPU usage, investigate deeper first project indexing times and completion performance.
  • (green star) Formatter: Clang-format integration
    • In reformat action
    • On the commit stage
    • Automatic Clang-format config detection
  •  Project models: continue detaching the API
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