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  • C++ Support

    While considering different alternatives to the current language engine, doing various tests and measurements, we still work hard on the current implementation, fixing bugs and adding support for the new language features:

    • (star) More C++17 features
    • (star) Fixing issues with incorrect code parsing, resolve and false code analysis warnings across different code bases and code samples
    • (green star) clangd-based language engine introduce in the experimental mode
  • (star) IDE performance

    We’ve collected and sorted dozens of various freeze dumps and snapshots, and started working on globally improving the situation in 2018.1. Better typing performance was just the first step. We’ll continue to fix cases with freezes on typing, completion and some other popular IDE actions.

  • Compiling / Running / Testing
    • (green star) Add an option to (re)compile single files
    • (green star) Add Google Sanitizers support
  • Project Model
    • (green star) Continue with decoupling CMake from CLion, work on project model API
    • (green star) Investigate alternative project models (Gradle C++ and compilation database formats were added)
  • Debugger
    • Improve experimental hex support in debugger
    • Add memory views
    • Add LLDB disassembler support
  • Remote development
    • Implement first prototype for remote development support, limit target system to Linux, other limitations are possible
    • (green star) WSL support improvements
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