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  • C++ support
    • Continue with C++17. Check the list of supported language features in our webhelp
    • (star) Fix false-positives in code analysis, which are mostly caused by incorrect code resolve
    • (star) Modernize code transformation actions (like code generation or some intentions) so that modern C++ standards are in use
  • Microsoft Visual C++ compiler support
    Started as an experimental feature in 2017.1, this will be evaluated and get wider adoption in CLion:
    • Microsoft language extensions support
    • (green star) Support for precompiled headers (that currently works for GCC and clang)
  • Debugger
    • Continue working on the disassembly view in debugger:
      • (green star) force step into action (CPP-8978) to avoid jumping into the disassembly when not expected
      • disassembly view for LLDB (CPP-8908)
      • disassemble on demand (CPP-9091) to cover cases when the sources are available, but the disassembly view is still required
    • Hex formatting for numerical variables (OC-2305)
    • Debug as root (CPP-7224)
  • Project model
    This is still going to be CMake. Please see the section below explaining our plans regarding other build systems. In 2017.2 we will mainly address the following:
    • (in progress, will come with 2017.3) Make toolchains settings configurable per project / per configuration (not per IDE as it is now). This will cover environment, CMake settings, compiler, debugger, etc. (CPP-8893)
    • MSYS support (CPP-2275)
  • Performance
    Unfortunately it’s hard to promise something specific here, but we 100% sure to dedicate some additional time to this task. Our current plan is not only to continue working on investigating user-submitted snapshots, but also to implement a set of index and other optimizations.
  • Others
    Other planned tasks include fixes related to unit testing (for both Google Test and Catch), macro formatting, fixes for some current issues with the Python support plugin, and more.

Also, feel free to check some planning process explanation and the answer about top-voted Makefiles request in our blog

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