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Analyzing the feedback we’ve got on CLion 2016.3, we think we need to first concentrate on CMake workflow updates. The following changes are planned and might be (if possible) back-ported to 2016.3.x updates:

  • (green star) (CLion 2016.3.2 EAP) Exclude CMake generation directory from version control and find usages (CPP-4300).
  • Add ability to change CMake defaults (CPP-1887). The most popular case here is to have a default generation directory configured for all user projects.
  • (green star) (CLion 2016.3.2 EAP) Bring back the ability to add additional CMake configurations (CPP-3159). Right now it’s only possible to switch them in Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | CMake. However, we consider making a UI to add any number of configurations to a project. In addition, a switcher to exclude the configuration from indexing could probably be useful for configurations that are not used for code editing.

CLion 2017.1

  • Language support:
    • (green star) More C++14 coming to CLion. You can check what’s left on this new webhelp page.
    • Initial support of C++17:
      • (green star) nested namespaces (CPP-3623)
      • initializers in if and switch statements (CPP-8234).
  • Indexing and resolve:
    • (green star) (CLion 2016.3.2 EAP) GCC 6 support that requires proper handling of #include_next in CLion (CPP-3821).
    • (green star) Support for precompile headers and -include (CPP-53).
  • (star) Code analysis: modernize C++14 intentions
  • (star) Refactorings: bug-fixes
  • Toolchains: Microsoft compiler support
    • (green star) Ability to use MSVC to compile your project in CLion.
    • (green star) Support for NMake generator in CMake.
    • Specific language extensions.
  • (green star) Debugger: assembly view
  • (green star) Unit testing: Catch support
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