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  • Performance:
    (star) We feel this is a good time to put a major effort into performance improvements. If you experience any issues at all with CPU and memory usage or face any UI freezes, please let us know! Check this page for the list of dumps and snapshots that can be useful for us to investigate and localize the problem.
  • Language support:
    • (green star) Fixes to overload resolution (linked to this ticket mostly).
    • Problems with friend and using aliases.
    • (green star) Support for user-defined literals (C++11).
    • (green star) Support for C++14 digit separator.
    • (green star) If we still have resources left, we may devote some time to _Generic command (C11).
    • (star) There is also a list of regressions that we need to go through.
  • CMake:
    • Support for add_custom_target command (if you face any problems with this command in CLion, please describe them here).
    • (green star) Ability to specify the build/generation output directory.
    • (green star) Ability to specify build types (Debug, Release, etc.).
    • (green star) Reload performance improvements.
    • Ability to select Ninja generator instead of Makefiles.
  • Debugger:
    • (green star) Remote GDB debug on Windows.
    • Disassemble view.
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