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  • Debugger
    • (green star)Issues with GDB (timeouts, performance, other issues)
    • (green star)Remote debug
  • Project model (CMake)
    • Ability to watch command output during CMake execution
    • Ability to specify the build/generation output directory
    • Support for add_custom_target command
    • (green star)CMake refactorings
  • Performance
    • (green star)C++ code insight performance improvements
    • Formatter performance improvements
  • Doxygen
    We’ll see what we are able to finish before 2016.2 release, while in general we plan to support:
    • (green star)Doxygen comments highlighting
    • (green star)Integration with quick documentation pop-up (documentation preview)
    • (green star)Auto-completion for tags and names
    • (green star)Navigation to code symbols
    • (green star)Rename refactoring

    Other refactorings like Change Signature with Doxygen comments update, code generation ((green star)) and inspections may also be implemented.

This plan also includes various bug fixes and improvements (especially for C++ language support and refactorings in C++ code), as well as some additional features, that may enter later.

In case you are wondering about project models and Makefiles:

The short answer is – no, these will not make it into CLion 2016.2. We still haven’t finished critical work around CMake support, and we are still investigating various options to provide support for other build systems/project models, or even allow opening sources without any build system set inside CLion.

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