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  • Language support
    • (green star) Variadic templates support
    • (green star) Auto-import improvements
    • (green star) Fixes for invalid code constructs generation
    • (green star) Code completion and other fixes

  • Project model (CMake)
    • (green star) Ability to manually control source, library, and exclude folders
    • Ability to watch command output during CMake execution
    • Ability to specify the build/generation output directory
    • (green star) CMake intellisense and fixes

  • Debugger
    • (star) Performance enhancements
    • (green star) Attach to local process
    • (star) Bug fixes

  • (green star) Python support or Valgrind integration
    Let us make a comment here. We are currently investigating both possibilities as we are unsure about these requests and proper implementation. We hope to get one of them ready for 1.5, but the analysis is still in process, so can’t say, which will come and what functionality will be covered. In case you’d like to share your use cases or your vision, please, use the comment section below.
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