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  1. CMake
    1. CMake files editing
      • (green star) Commands completion in CMake files
    2. (green star) Support CMake 3
    3. Automatic actions
      • (green star) CMake automatic reload
      • Update CMakeLists.txt files automatically on refactorings
        • (green star) Rename
    4. Parameters
      • (green star) Pass environment variable to CMake command in CLion
      • (green star) Pass parameters to CMake command in CLion
    5. Project structure
      • (green star) Creating CMake project from existing source
  2. Toolchain
    1. (green star) MinGW-W64 support
  3. Debugger
    1. (green star) Support inspection of GNU STL collections during debug session
  4. (star) Extend the list of Live Templates for C/C++
  5. (green star) New File templates
  6. (star) Bug fixing and performance improvements
  7. (star) Improved auto-import
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