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1. install docker, make sure docker --version returns something meaningful
2. download docker file wget
3. build docker image (don't forget to specify path to llvm-project)

  docker build --build-arg UID=$(id -u) --build-arg GID=$(id -g) -t clion/remote-ubuntu:20.04 -f Dockerfile.remote-llvm-project-env /path/to/llvm-project

4. run docker image
  docker run -d --cap-add sys_ptrace -p127.0.0.1:2222:22 clion/remote-ubuntu:20.04

5. open llvm in CLion

6. change project root to parent directory (llvm-project): Tools -> CMake -> Change Project Root

7. setup remote toolchain -> press "apply" button -> goto Deployment section

8. In Deployment section configure path-mapping for llvm-project

9. configure CMake profile: map "Debug" configuration to Remote Toolchain

10. Press OK, wait for CMake Loading process is finished

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