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No subsystemBugCPP-15170"Not implemented functions" disabling is not done immediately
BuildFeatureCPP-14472Add build system-independent build targets
FeatureCPP-14473Add run configuration for custom build targets
Code: FormattingBugCPP-15240Weird typing indentation when brace location doesn't match clang-format style
BugCPP-15496ClangFormat: insert missing header breaks the code
BugCPP-15253Various reformat actions don't work with ClangFormat
BugCPP-15284Exception in ClangFormat when rename function
UsabilityCPP-15182clang-format: notify user if clangd is disabled
BugCPP-15312Generated code and auto-complete is not correctly formatted according to .clang-format file
BugCPP-15444ClangFormat: Extract method breaks formatting
BugCPP-15180clang-format: No indication that file format is taken from .clang-format file
RunningFeatureCPP-14473Add run configuration for custom build targets
Code: RefactoringsBugCPP-3085"Extract method" refactoring expands type aliases on static member access
 BugCPP-3086"Extract method" replaces std:: namespace qualifier with bogus this-> reference and drops template specialization
 BugCPP-5834Extract method removes template parameters in code
 BugCPP-12461Extracting method replaces Class::MethodName by This->MethodName or by removing the class name altogether
 BugCPP-15384Extract method removes `std` for code contains std::get<>
ToolchainsFeatureCPP-15484Support Cygwin 3.0.x
BugCPP-15244Octal default value for override default permissions on file is incorrect
Diff_MergeExceptionIDEA-207311Error: can't show diff on EAP
Editor. Editing TextUsabilityIDEA-185682Parameter info hides the code being editing at the top of a file
Find, Replace, Find UsagesUsabilityIDEA-170894"Rerun Search" should not open new tab
IndicesPerformanceIDEA-205778Upgrade to IntelliJ 2018.3.3 (from 2018.2.x) causes high cpu/memory usage in idle state
UsabilityIDEA-207075Better diagnosis for FileBasedIndexImpl - scheduleIndexRebuild, reason: File type change
Platform APIUsabilityIDEA-207106Log plugin that use registerFileType instead of FileTypeFactory
Task ManagementBugIDEA-205965Pivotal Tracker implementation uses the deprecated and shutdowned API
TerminalBugIDEA-165632The terminal is called twice.
User InterfaceBugIDEA-207737support native custom decoration
BugIDEA-207394Icon animation stops in TestTree for one project if tests were started in parallel in two projects
BugIDEA-166195icons doing the same action: intended?
BugIDEA-207957IDEA is not switched to full screen on Windows
BugIDEA-207598Show smart step into popup above the line
PerformanceIDEA-205737parameter info tooltip slows down typing in editor
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-207779Items in popup have two-tones highlighting when selected
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-206176Recent locations popup: long string editing leads to location shown as empty
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-190056Class members are highlighted as erroneous when they aren't
Version ControlBugIDEA-207102Annoying "Shelf" behavior changes
Version Control. LogUsabilityIDEA-202408Strange window flickers on the screen when I navigate through git log (Windows 10)
InspectionsFeaturePY-24832Check types in assignments
Interpreters SettingsFeaturePY-33785Python interpreter in the status bar
DB ConnectivityUsabilityDBE-7799Data Sources and Drivers dialog: don't ask to download drivers if they were downloaded earlier and they are actual
DB DiagramBugDBE-6225Foreign keys referencing tables with different casing are not displayed in UML diagram
DB IntrospectionFeatureDBE-3413DB2: support database triggers
BugDBE-7743Database: Error encountered when performing Introspect on a MariaDB schema
BugDBE-1465Cannot synchronize with a readonly postgres database (cannot execute txid_current() during recovery)
DB RefactoringBugDBE-7747Rename index is not working
UsabilityDBE-7795Cancel refactoring problem
Data ViewsBugDBE-7699"Edit" in table cell editor destroys data silently because the cell's editor uses the IDE's "Global Encoding"
BugDBE-5850Apparent off-by-one displaying DATE datatype
SQL CompletionBugDBE-7682Incorrect completion for nullable enum types in data editor
SQL Format and StyleFeatureDBE-7806MS SQL: Place each declared variables (inside a stored procedure) onto a new line
BugDBE-7605Postgres: SQL formatter doesn't recognise "into temp table"
BugDBE-7801Uncontrollable SQL alignment
SQL GeneralBugDBE-7712Existing DB functions treated as unknown
SQL GenerationBugDBE-7694Wrong sql script on column comment change in Modify Table window
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-4546Support SQLCMD Mode (Windows)
BugDBE-7700Support mysql alter user syntax
BugDBE-7754sql parsing issue with "if exists"
BugDBE-7745DataGrip with Postgres incorrectly interpreting code in functions as unreachable when following a FOREACH END LOOP;
SQL ResolveBugDBE-4399Unable to resolve Collumns
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