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Dynamic Analysis ToolsBug CPP-14470 Missed underscore in profiler gutter item
ToolchainsBug CPP-14464 Remote on Windows: Can't find standard library includes because of specific tar compression
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBug IDEA-199986 Find/Replace in Path closes immediately
Usability IDEA-180366 Find in Path from VCS | Local Changes shall pre-select the selected change list or directory
Usability IDEA-167955 Find: `Ctrl+F` on selected word doesn't pre-select text in search field if Find bar is open
Packaging and InstallationBug IDEA-200342 Silent installation: There is no checking if the current version was already installed
Bug IDEA-200843 PATH can not be updated. The size is very big.
Bug IDEA-200369 Silent Installation: mode=user: if you have no permission to install in the specified folder, installation is finished in the different folder
Bug IDEA-200776 Remove dependency from 'extensions' module to 'XStream' library
Bug IDEA-182484 IntelliJ IDEA restart fails on Windows because of company restrictions
Bug IDEA-200274 Silent installation: installation to the wrong folder
Usability IDEA-200235 No option to disable "Open Folder as <IDE> Project" context menu.
Usability IDEA-182601 Silent install could provide some error feedback
Cosmetics IDEA-200363 Silent Installation: It is better to mention in log what was wrong in installation by specific words
Task IDEA-200752 Remove dependency from java.psi.impl to java.resources.en
Platform APITask IDEA-191331 Migrate to ASM 6.2
Task IDEA-158421 Document requirements for mac-builder agent
User InterfaceBug IDEA-197106 DesktopLayout ConcurrentModificationException on startup
Bug IDEA-200654 Search Everywhere not opening file on Linux
Exception IDEA-200919 ClassCastException: java.base/jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe cannot be cast to jdk.unsupported/sun.misc.Unsafe
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-200462 New SE: Add statistics
Version ControlUsability IDEA-199656 Changelists should be expanded by default, and should retain the state
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-198271 Git: Native SSH: if password authentication is used, the password can't be remembered
Bug IDEA-199761 File names with trailing spaces break git diff
Usability IDEA-199926 Scanning for Git roots in a project should skip known third-party libs locations
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-193814 com.intellij.openapi.vcs.VcsException: Index: 1, Size: 1
Code InsightBug PY-27148 Support for NamedTuple._replace
ConsoleBug PY-31281 PyDev completer can check if a numpy array is in a container, which is not allowed
Bug PY-32005 Importing matplotlib 3.0.0 crashes Python Console
DebuggerBug PY-32289 OrderedDict looks not ordered in debug pane
Bug PY-32255 Data Viewer: numbers in table are aligned for top edge
Exception PY-32148 IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'minValue' of ArrayTableCellRenderer.fillColorRange
EditingBug PY-31154 Code folding is broken
InspectionsBug PY-29425 Setting the `__class__` attribute on a unittest mock flagged with the error, "Property __class__ cannot be set."
Bug PY-29623 unitest.mock not found using external typeshed
Bug PY-10477 suppress type check for Mock
Bug PY-11208 False positive for mock.patch.object
SQL CompletionFeature DBE-2854 Automatic alias
Feature DBE-6989 Customisable aliases for tables when auto-completing SQL queries
Bug DBE-4656 Bad completion for window functions
Bug DBE-2852 Setting to select table order in ON-clause
Bug DBE-5981 suggested alias should not have hash sign for temp tables on sql server
Configuration Problem DBE-5511 Can't disable MySQL JOIN alias autocomplete
SQL GenerationBug DBE-7195 In "Database Changes" window, right-clicking on a single function/view and clicking on "revert" reverts all changed objects!
SQL RefactoringBug DBE-7178 Alias renaming in a view source editor fails to apply changes to all references
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