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No subsystemPerformanceCPP-13373FrequentEventDetector - Too many events posted
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-13631clangd errors have invalid ranges in presence of tab characters
TaskCPP-13729Disable dynamic index for clangd
Code: Intention ActionsBugCPP-13685clangd: Quick-fixes disappear after adding symbol before undeclared function
Code: ParsingBugCPP-6138Class is mixed up with enum value with same name
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-7797members in enum class are not scoped correctly
Debugger: GDBBugCPP-13864GDB: Provide a workaround for missing separate console on Windows
Project ModelPerformanceCPP-12741CMake creates toolchains under non-cancellable read action
ConsoleBugIDEA-195938Unable to type TAB character in console
Diff_MergeUsabilityIDEA-195517'Yours' and 'Theirs' columns are not resizable - could not see full branch name
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-195416Join lines over arithmetic operations should preserve order
BugIDEA-186110Esc doesn't close in-editor search during indexing
BugIDEA-196505Cannot open JavaScript files
Packaging and InstallationUsabilityIDEA-185044Show list of used third-party libraries directly in the IDE
TerminalBugIDEA-191852Show typed user input in terminal console
User InterfaceBugIDEA-195751New SE: Dialog doesn't fit screen on HiDPI displays
UsabilityIDEA-196288Icons for "Commit" and "Set Active Changelist" are almost identical
CosmeticsIDEA-191307Update "Create Gist" Git Octocat icon to white cat in black circle
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-196307Stripe buttons layout is broken after 'move to top/left/bottom/right'
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-196250It is impossible to invoke "Recent files" action from the "find action" popup.
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-192786Wrong directory is highlighted during moving files to Scratches
UsabilityIDEA-194516Issue when changing error color
Version ControlBugIDEA-195836"Synchronizing files" scans the entire file system
PerformanceIDEA-195871VcsRootScanner adds everything under a symlinked directory into the VFS
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-196286Git Reword Commit sometimes throws an exception when trying to find a commit to reword
BugIDEA-193140Can't undo rewording of a commit made before a merge commit and get an exception
BugIDEA-194449New Git root is not detected until restart, if added externally as a submodule or under a new subdirectory
BugIDEA-187116IDEA doesn't recognize Idea project on checkout project from Git
BugIDEA-196503Git: Partial Commits: when ShowDiff is invoked for file in specific changelist should display changes from this changelist
BugIDEA-196072Git Rebase dialog - Onto branch not persistent
PerformanceIDEA-1965352018.2 constant java processes
Code InsightBugPY-23270New f string formating overrides SQL syntax highlighting
BugPY-30794INSERT IGNORE INTO is not recognised as SQL
PerformancePY-310442018.2: PyCharm and Idea are very slow on MacBook with TouchBar if Django support is enabled
ConsoleBugPY-31067Console history being erased between sessions
BugPY-30939"Run with Python console" ignore "if __name__ == '__main__'"
EditingExceptionPY-30713Add type hints for function leads to IDE Fatal Error
InspectionsBugPY-21493Legal f-strings in regex context are sometimes marked as errors
BugPY-31066False "object attribute is read-only"
Interpreters SettingsBugPY-31048Venv auto-detection stops working in 2018.2
BugPY-30803pipenv support should ignore packages unsiupported on my platform
BugPY-30929Pipenv in project with constantly warns that packaging==17.0 is missing
UsabilityPY-30667Install packages by default in new pipenvs created from the add interpreter page
Test RunnerBugPY-31053Pytest fixture code intelligence missing if from pytest import fixture
BugPY-30563pytest-bdd: params are not suported
BugPY-30768Parameter types are unknown to PyCharm when "parse" is used by Behave
No subsystemFeatureDBE-5126Dialect scopes for Live templates
DB ConnectivityUsabilityDBE-6655Custom JDBC driver configuration workflow
DB ConsoleBugDBE-6751Execute stored procedure: specify type length for the result or otherwise (if infer type length is not possible) indicate that the script is invalid
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-4693Column is missing from FK as displayed in Database tool window
BugDBE-6324DataGrip does not understand "included columns" of MS SQL Server indexes
BugDBE-4559MS SQL Server index condition (filter definition)
BugDBE-6362Redshift view with no schema binding - unable to inspect columns
ExceptionDBE-6818Postgres 11 broke backward compatibility (columns proisagg and proiswindow are dropped from pg_catalog.pg_proc)
Data ViewsFeatureDBE-4100Feature Request: Show column comments in tooltips
FeatureDBE-6693Qualify table and routine names in editor tabs
Navigation & SearchBugDBE-6796Consider data source group in Go to actions and other places where I'm choosing some database object
UsabilityDBE-5459Remove storage files from "Go to file"
PL & DDL EditorBugDBE-6754Editor tabs are not named consistently so they don't sort consistently
SQL CompletionBugDBE-5358"Qualify Object on code completion" setting "Always" breaks postgresql updates
BugDBE-6541Complete function parameters in drop function statement
BugDBE-2824Live template problem
SQL Format and StyleFeatureDBE-6822Procedure block: new line after BEGIN
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-4999Need temporal table support in SQLServer Dialects
BugDBE-6817Oracle ~= (not equals) operator causes parse error
BugDBE-4774MySQL: "where" keyword in select statement is highlighted as error
SQL ResolveBugDBE-6676Quoted Identifiers are case insensitive SQL Server
User InterfaceFeatureDBE-6797When renaming a datasource, interpret slashes as groups or interpret slahes in datasource names as groups
FeatureDBE-6753Can not drag Data Source to a group
BugDBE-6808Gutter color is not respected
BugDBE-6443Default row height int "Modify Table" dialog is equal to the biggest row in the dialog
UsabilityDBE-6799Moving a datasource to a parent group that has no direct child only possible via "new..." group
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